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Brumos Repel Apollon Axe Diamond-Tipped Spear Herbal Pill Phoenix Down
Head to the Chocobo farm near the city of Kalm, and rent all of the stables there from Choco Bill, and then equip the "Chocobo Lure" materia on one of your party members.

The Chocobo Sage
Take the airship to the Chocobo Sage north of Icicle Inn and buy several Reagan Greens from him. Leave the Sage and land the airship near Gold Saucer.

A Normal Chocobo
Walk directly on the chocobo tracks outside of Gold Saucer until the party encounters a random battle. It may take several tries before the enemies also have a chocobo with them, so keep trying until you are attacked by two "Spencer" monsters and a chocobo. Throw the Reagan Greens at the chocobo to keep it occupied, and then kill the two monsters normally. After the battle, send the chocobo back to the stables you rented. Repeat this process again to capture a second chocobo from this area.

Leave the Gold Saucer area and fight in random battles on the choboco tracks by the city of Mideel, following the same procedure as before, capturing a two chocobos, each of which should be accompanied by two Spiral monsters.

The Vlakorados Monster
Fly the airship to the area near Bone Village and fight in random battles there until you find a Vlakorados monster. Use the "Steal" materia on this creature to steal three Carob nuts.

Green and Blue Chocobos
Return to the Chocobo Farm and breed together the four chocobos you now have. When Choco Bill asks if you want to use an item, choose to use two of the Carob nuts. Once the breeding is complete, you will have a blue chocobo and a green chocobo.

Spend some time fighting monsters on the world map or completing the next story segment of the story, then come back to the Chocobo Farm and breed the green and blue chocobos together using the remaining Carob nut to get a black chocobo.

Go to the chocobo tracks near Icicle Inn and capture a chocobo found with two Jumping Monsters.

A Goblin
Steal a Zeio Nut from one of the goblin creatures on the island to the north and east of the Chocobo Farm.

A Gold Chocobo
Pair together your newest chocobo with the black chocobo using the Zeio nut to finally produce a gold chocobo.

hopefully this guide will help you out... It helped me A LOT
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