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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:06 pm 
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LeonPayne wrote:
Yea Laguna is really Squall's dad,Raine is Squall's mom too. Actually Squall was born after Laguna left the Windmill village to continue his journey to complete his Travelling journal or sumthing.Raine died after giving birth to Squall.(dats sad)

So,having no one but Ellone by his side.Squall grew up wif his frens at the orphanage.dats why he doesnt really know whose his daddy.

In my opinion from da beginning till da end Squall will never know Laguna and Raine were his parents.he only thinks Ellone as his sister.

But.does Laguna knew Squall was his son? Dat I dun know.wat u guys think?

I hope there is no penalty for replying to old threads like this, but I just had to reply!

I think Laguna might know that Squall is his son. If you've watched the ending video, Squall looks like Raine, like a male version of her. Sure you could say that many of the characters looked similar in the face because of the game engine or whatever, but he looks a little like Laguna as well.

Laguna must have known Raine was pregnant after he came back from looking for Ellone, but Squall was probably gone by then. Edea's orphanage was nearby though, so he may've went to see Edea at some point after learning about Raine dying.

Maybe Squall really knew Laguna was his father at the beginning of his life, but the GFs may have made him forget. The orphanage gang, all except Irvine and Squall forgot about everyone else.
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