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Mad Max: Fury Road Review

The coming together of the star cast of Tom Hardy, Charlie Theron, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, as well as Abbey Lee is definitely one to create ripples all across the Hollywood and movie industry in particular. That was something which would have been expectant out of the new Mad Max movie. However, the ferocity with which the movie opened in theatres all across the world, and the genre of action that it went on to show was definitely not at all anticipated by the audience. Not only has this mesmerize the people, but also has made sure that they would go again and again just so as to capture the action sequels in their minds

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Directed by George Miller, this action packed movie for over two hours will be able to keep you riveted in your seat. So, what does the storyline have to say about mad Max? It is actually a story wherein the future is already is scorched by the sun, and the only water supply is actually controlled by a warlord. Furiosa, which is aptly played by Charlie Theron will be looking into the features of redemption in her promised land, and it is located way beyond the dunes of sand stops, she wants to find out a partner, and Max Rockatansky steps into the picture. This makes the combination much more lethal, and it goes on to create destruction and total annihilation of everybody and anybody that will be willingly standing in their path.
This movie is relentless in its pursuit for action, and ensures that it will not be able to keep using standard crash and burn accident measures. It has been able to involve a variety of vehicles, which look like they could end up costing a lot more money. After all, what exactly is the point of going off wondering, when you do not have the appropriate amount of backup?
This movie can actually show you a relentless the prophylactic understanding, give you an idea about how a person will be able to go renegade one day, when it is all about driving fuel, as well as a lot of other features, that could end up creating havoc in the smuggler of that particular world. So, people do realize that even the characters of mad Max professional and they happen to be extremely effective. They choose an idea about getting revenge, which was all about doing it with very few dialogues. The end scene about growing up everything in spectacular style is definitely brought about a crazy twist in the characters, and the scramble for them to fight over what is left out in the vehicles. Such kind of scenes to have been representing Hollywood action movies for a long time, but in this movie, you will be able to witness the flipside of having to watch all the action, and no sensible drama associated with the movie. From the action buffs, this movie can definitely be a watch

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