Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Song Leaked? Rumor or Fact?

The Super Bowl is just few days away from now and it is most talked and discussed presently including the commercials, players as well as songs. However, everything seems is not going according to the plans and this is the reason singer Katy Perry is a bit upset.

Lately, Perry’s new track with Lenny Kravitz has been reported to have leaked online, which is something oddest part of Super Bowl. A YouTube user by the name Tim Heidecker has posted it on the video platform.

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Song Leaked. Rumor or Fact

Tim Heidecker is one half of the comedy team Tim & Eric. Well, calm down. It’s just a joke of a leaked Super Bowl song. Try to listen it for just couple of seconds and everything can be understood.

Tim made fun of the songtress with a parody dubbed as “Katy Perry Leaked Superbowl Song 2015.” The halftime performer shared immediately to her fans the song through her Twitter account and wrote, “SuPeR BoWl LeAk.”

Perry’s performance is slated to be aired on February 1, Sunday, during the game at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Recently the songtress discussed her nerves in an interview for the music issue of ESPN Magazine. Perry said she is feeling like to have outdreamt her dream and would be surely a bit tingly inside the day though she don’t get nervous.

What is your though about this “SuPeR BoWl LeAk” of Katy Perry? Do share your own views with fellow readers in the below given comment box.


  • wow.!!!!!!! i like kety perry … she is a nice singer and dancer.. i miss her because she is not our country people. but i get her in my dream.

  • David Miller

    Fabulous singer, I like the way she sings. KATY PERRY is so natural while she signing. She is also beautiful.
    I always wait for her new song. She is my dream girl.

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