4 Image Tips from Experienced Banner Designers

Using roll up banners or pop up banners is a great way to get a discount, promotion, store or stand noticed. Banner stands are ideal for events and also for displaying in a shop. But the most important thing to remember when designing a banner is that images, text and layout all count – it is vital that a pop up banner is effectively designed, otherwise you waste the opportunity for advertising and marketing that this banner gives you. One crucial factor in particular that you need to consider is the images you use. Take some tips from experienced banner designers when looking at the image and text combinations you use on your banner.

  1. Images Must Be High Quality

When you are using images on a roll up banner they must be high quality – good enough quality to be printed and enlarged to the size that will attract attention. When you are saving the images that you want to use on the banner, make sure they are 300dpi. You need the images to be clear and impactful at full size, otherwise you will end up with a poor quality reproduction and something that causes harm to your brand image. For example, simply saving an image from the web and using it on the banner will not work, as web images are very small and not suited to display purposes.

  1. Keep a Clear Purpose in Mind

When you know what you want to achieve with your banner you will be more effective at choosing images that suit this purpose, and not images that simply fill space, according to Think carefully about your message and the people you want to attract. Images will be chosen to match this purpose. For instance, you wouldn’t choose an image of people in suits at a business meeting if you are interested in attracting people to sign up for a gym membership. That’s a very obvious example, certainly, but there are subtle ways in which the right image can make a real difference. Banner printing is the opportunity to attract attention and you need your images to work for you, not against you.

  1. Think How Text Will Fit

When you have decided on your purpose and message, and chosen a high quality image or images, work out what text will be used to expand on your message. Text should be kept to a minimum in order to give people information without overwhelming them. If you want to display the image first and foremost, keep text to the top and the bottom, with contact details right at the foot of the pop up banner.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

Images should work for you – don’t think that more is necessarily more. You can do too much and overload the roll up banner with images, which confuses the eye and is a turn-off for people who might be interested in your product.  You may have a large roll up banner but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it with a large number of images or pieces of text.

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