How To Advertise Your Small Company Effectively

How To Advertise – Running your own company is more challenging than ever. It’s tough to compete as the little guy. Large corporations have access to marketing experts and big budgets while internet companies have lots of tricks to channel online traffic to their websites. But don’t let that discourage you. In addition to the traditional strategies of promotion and advertising, there is a whole myriad of many simple yet creative ways to attract attention to your little company. Among these methods include clever usage of business cards and postcards.

How To Advertise

Don’t underestimate the power of those tiny, rectangular pieces of paper that contain your name, company name and important contact information. While they ought not to be guarded and locked away, they shouldn’t be scattered all over town without forethought either. Some of the more conventional methods of distributing these little advertising gems are during meetings where networking happens all the time.

They can also be given when simply striking up a conversation with anyone while out and about. One could even innocently ask a stranger what they think of the design or logo and stores and restaurants you go too often. Get the permission of restaurant managers and other shop owners to place some of your materials on their counter near the cash register. When possible, you might even offer to put some of their promotional materials in your store as well, provided they are not in direct competition with your company.

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Thank past customers for their patronage and send notes with “valued customer only” offers to entice them into coming back. Or, offer special discounts if customers bring in or refer a friend to you. In addition to contacting current customers, send a mass mailing to the local residents who would most likely be interested in your products and services. The object is to notify as many potential customers as possible to annual or seasonal sales events.

Fliers and notes are airy standard in the advertising game. Perhaps your company could attract attention by utilizing objects that have an alternate use. Anything that can someone might use daily is a viable option. A personal trainer could use a water bottle to promote her services while a chimney sweep might opt to print his information on a book of matches. The options are only limited by your imagination, and perhaps a little by how much you are willing to invest.

How To Advertise Small Company

Don’t forget about the most widely used form of advertising—the internet. It doesn’t matter whether or not your company is web based or you have an actual store front. Instead of spending your hard earned money on a webpage designer, you could learn fairly easily how to get something up and running very quickly. Once your company can be accessed on the internet, you’ve just opened yourself up to countless potential new customers.

In the current economy, companies must be creative and persistent in attracting new customers and maintaining the ones they already have. Using both traditional advertising methods and the latest technology is the only way to succeed.

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