These Basic SEO Practices To Follow While Owning A Website

If you own a blog or website and wants to run it like a professional webmaster, you need to follow these basic SEO practices.

Choose one primary topic for website

There may be many stuff but it is better to make website about one thing. This is most essential. Research properly on keywords before choosing a topic.

These Basic SEO Practices To Follow While Owning A Website

Keywords are important where they matter most

Yes, this is very true. You don’t need to stuff keywords everywhere. Make it in the title of your website, in the domain name, description, tagline, page titles, blog categories etc.

Internal pages linking important

You should never forget to link your most important pages of the site from the webpage. Cross-linking is very important.

Permalink structure should have keywords

You may have noticed several sites having ugly permalink structure like below:

This is bad for SEO. Instead make it like below URL:

Slow loading elements should be eliminated

You need to immediately remove those plugins, images, music players, graphics etc that takes longer time to load. It is very important to get rid of those as it slows down your site too.

Keywords are important in images too

When you are using image on your site, make sure it too carries keywords. You need to use it in image title, image description, and also in alt attributes. More to this, it is good to re-title the file name while saving an image from other sources on your computer.

Linking to other website important too but with relevant content

Outbound links help the other site but still search engine considers your site as a trusted authority. However, links should only be done to website having relevant content.

Update website frequently

Never leave your website unattended for months. Updates are very necessary. You need to update it with content frequently.

Get inbound links

Try to get inbound links too. Ask other websites to link to yours. Also, if your content is excellent, it is seen other websites do link to yours of their own. So, it is important to write good content for your website.

Don’t change domain name

Always remember, the age of URL is important. Changing domain name loses the age and so there is a change you lose search engine ranking and hence visitors.

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