How To Get Backlinks Naturally

In 2015 the backlink techniques will change. It will be no more as it was earlier, at least not the same as it was before 2012. Below details will help you understand what Google is seeking from webmasters in terms of getting backlinks and how to get those naturally, without becoming spammy in nature.

Be careful with type of guest blogging

How To Get Backlinks Naturally

Guest blogging technique should be changed. It should not be the same as webmasters used to do earlier. Google is really serious about penalizing spammy guest blogging. The search engine giant will continue refining its algorithm to wipe out less-than-trustworthy forms of guest blogging. With this authentic side of guest blogging will come into existence. Remember, the purpose of guest blogging should no more be to get link, but it should be to be helpful, clear, and informative.


If believed to Drew Hendricks of AudienceBloom, the infographics are still effective method for link building. However, some says the method is not much effective these days as today infographics are mass produced. Its popularity has declined and also the link building potential as well. One stat talks about a decline by more than 50 percent. Well, even about 50 percent is still good.

Social media activeness is necessary

Always remember that creating content is just half the work done. The next half is promoting it. Today the best way to do it is through social media. Promoting content on social media also helps in earning links as the articles are shared from there by members. The content gets distributed, tweeted, retweeted and lots of social buzz happens. So, start posting links to relevant Linkedin groups, Reddit, StumbleUpon and apart from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Request for links

Asking may links may be unwise but it is the easiest way to get one. However, this does not mean to beg for links or trade links. In fact write your good content and reach out to people and companies mentioned in the post. This may help it getting shared on social media. This is subtle way of asking for links. Such relationship also grow over time. People in your trade will start trusting you and also respect you more. Next time you don’t need to ask for links, but still you will earn those.

Grow personal brand

Growing personal brand is important and this is a slow process. This can be done by outreaching, helping people, getting press coverage, speaking at conferences, connecting with mentors, guest blogging and with some other techniques. Remember, the payoff is incredible and it will make marketing efforts much easier. Generating new business growth becomes easier too. And of course the backlinks come naturally.

The above are just few of the techniques how to get backlinks naturally. Do share your own techniques with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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