Money making tips by blogging with advertisements

Earning money with a blog is a fun and creative way to make money on the web, but many new bloggers aren’t sure exactly how to successfully monetize a blog. As a result, many bloggers fall short of their potential in terms of how much money they earn blogging.

Money making tips by blogging with advertisements

Blog Advertising vs. Pay-Per-Post Blogging Websites

The blogs that make the most money are niche blogs that utilize several different advertising methods. It’s fairly easy to set up advertising on a blog and making money blogging via advertisements has a distinct advantage over the other primary method to earn money with a blog: pay-per-post programs.

Pay-to-post blog programs pay bloggers for each blog post (a limit of one per day, usually), providing the post meets the site’s criteria. This method to earn money blogging is not ideal because in a vast majority of cases, the writer loses rights to the blog post when they are paid by a site. In essence, the website “buys” the blog post, usually for just $1 or $2.

Some pay-per-post blogging programs do also pay a small sum per every $1,000 page views, but it’s minimal (i.e. $2 per 1,000 page views) and blogging sites like also prohibit the blogger from placing ads on their blog, so the only money earned is that $1 to $2 per post.

But when a blogger earns money by placing ads on a blog, he/she retains rights to the blog posts. And over time, the blog posts will earn much more than $1 to $2 a piece. In fact, a well-keyworded blog with good SEO and moderate traffic can earn the equivalent of $5 or more per blog post each month. So, blog monetization is key to earning money online as a blogger.

There are several different types of blog advertisements:

Text Ads – This type of blog ad involves contextual advertising programs like Google AdSense;
In-Text Ads – InfoLinks and Kontera are examples of in-text advertisement programs, and;
Banner Ads – AdBrite is one site that offers blog banner ads.

Make Money Blogging With Text Ads

blogging with advertisements

Text ads are displayed in a blog sidebar, in the footer or within blog posts. The ads are comprised of text only; they contain a “headline,” a one or two sentence “pitch” or description of the advertised product/service/website and the URL of the website. These ads enable bloggers to make money every time a reader clicks on an advertisement.

A major benefit of text advertisements is that they are contextual, meaning a blog about financial planning will attract Google ads about financial planning. In addition, Google ads are geo-targeted, so a reader in New York will view ads for financial planning services in New York.

Google’s AdSense program provides an opportunity to make money blogging. Another site that offers text ads for blogs is AdBrite. In both advertising programs, bloggers must submit their website for approval before the text ads can be displayed and once approved, the websites must adhere to certain standards (i.e. blogs must contain original content that’s free of copyright infringement, and blogs must display a privacy policy).

Blog Monetization With In-Text Ad Links

InfoLinks and Kontera provide in-text ads for blogs and websites. This method of advertisement involves the placement of links within the text of a blog post or website page. When a blog visitor’s mouse passes over an InfoLink ad, a box containing an ad appears and the reader can either click on the ad or continue reading the blog.

Bloggers make money each time a reader clicks on the in-text advertisement. Kontera and InfoLinks have an advantage over text ads or banner ads in that they’re less intrusive; the ads are only displayed to readers who wish to view them. Bloggers can also control the color of the link ads, and the number. InfoLinks allows up to 12 link ads per page.

Blog Advertising With Banner Ads

Money making tips by blogging

Banner ads can be placed on a blog using online advertising programs like AdBrite. Google AdSense also has an option that allows for the display of banner ads on a blog in place of text ads.

Like text ads, blog banner ads can be placed in the sidebar using a widget, in blog posts, or in the blog’s header or footer. Some banner ads are animated, which garners even more attention from readers. The disadvantage is that these animated banner ads can be distracting to readers.

Bloggers make money when a reader clicks on the banner ad.

Optimizing a Blog for Advertisements

In order to make money blogging by displaying ads, it’s vital that bloggers use strong keywording and good SEO techniques. Contextual advertising programs like Google AdSense uses software that scans the blog pages for keywords; those keywords are then matched to advertisements with matching keywords (advertisers create a list of keywords that will “trigger” a particular ad to appear). So if a blog is to make money, the blog posts must contain strong keywording if it’s going to get lots of page views and a good supply of contextual ads.

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