Online Marketing In 2015 To Be Little Different – Brief Tips

The online marketing strategy of 2015 will be different from 2014. There are several reasons to it like social media will play important role than ever. It is said the social signals will become important factor of Google ranking and remember the social media feeds of blogs will work like workhorses in driving traffic.

Guest posting will no longer work in favorable direction. Google has already expressed that guest posting for links back will be seen suspiciously as it may have spammy nature. However, even after knowing the fact Google delayed its downgrading in 2014.

Online Marketing In 2015 To Be Little Different - Brief Tips

Remember, content is king, and content marketing will continue to grow. The most successful content writing in 2015 may probably be writing free reports, white papers, case studies and of course blog posts. Broadcast these content on different platforms such as article distribution sites, social media channels, and also on the company’s own website. These steps will result in the rise of followers as well as sales.

The most important thing to take note in 2015 while doing all these is to make sure the created content is mobile friendly. If believed to a report published on, around 90 percent of the sales may come through smartphones and tablets browsing.

Apart from all these, the email marketing may rise back as ranking algorithms are becoming more and more complex these days. In one strategy PDFs can be made of the case studies, white papers, e-books, blog posts and so on, and use it in email marketing as incentives for prospects to give their email address and access the content by downloading it.