The art of advertising- Is it information or manipulation?

When to branding a particular product, there is no better way than to reach out to a wide demographic, and have them understand that it is a product for a certain section of society. Advertising is the best medium with which you will be able to inform your demographic about that particular product. Yes, advertising can be a very powerful medium of sending information to your target audience. However, in recent times, it has also been found out that advertising has been used as a source of manipulation, so that the prospects and the customers end up purchasing products that are subpar with all the other production the market.

The art of advertising- Is it information or manipulation
The art of advertising- Is it information or manipulation

Instances of exaggeration

Take for instance the iPhone. Each and every new iPhone has a set of new features for the people that have been making use of only the iPhones. However, if you think about those features, it has already been found to be in use in various android mobile phones for at least a couple of years. So, you realize that the people making use of iPhones are not at all privy to the latest technological advancements. However, the makers of iPhones, which is Apple, end up providing such an advertising campaign that people are bound to think about the iPhones as the best thing in the market. When it comes to looks, the benefits, as well as the kind of features that can be found in those mobile phones, it is nowhere even close to the various types of android mobile phones that you can find in the market as of today. This here is a classic case of exaggeration when it comes to advertising campaigns.

A true focus on advertising

Well, if you believe that you have the best product for a particular work to be done, then advertising it can actually lead to the popularity of your brand as well as setting yourself down in a market and becoming a contender for that particular user base. When it comes to products like sanitizers, hair creams and a lot more, you realize that there are various types of marketing tools and campaigns as well as certain seductive features that have been introduced in order to make it seem like the best in a market.

As a diligent customer, it is your duty to first verify about the product and only then go through understanding the benefits of using it. Blind advertising is only going to lead to spending a lot of money by the manufacturer of the product. Some would argue that the marketing efforts would be turning the economy for the advertising sector. However, for the general mass, making use of subpar products is not at all something that can enable them to make savings on the meager income that they have. This is what the advertising industry needs to understand. They have to realize that advertising on a product centric may be tactical, but it also needs to be efficient and helpful towards the needs of people.

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