Best Trucks for First-Time Truck Owners


Best Trucks for First-Time Truck Owners

Have you ever fancied your own truck? Do you want to know which is not only the best, but the best for you and your needs? Read on as we run down the best trucks for first-time owners.

Toyota Tundra

Initial Price: $31,520

The Toyota Tundra kicks off our list with a bang. It prices pretty well compared to other trucks, despite a few rivals being cheaper, and looks gorgeous. Its engine isn’t the greatest for the environment, since it has a pretty low fuel economy, but it more than makes up for that by being hugely powerful, meaning you’ll have that powerful feeling driving it, too. This also means it’s great for towing and hauling, yet it doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Chevrolet Colorado

Initial Price: $21,300

Although the Tundra sounds tempting, the Chevy Colorado will make it look like a warm up. The starting price is incredibly affordable compared to most trucks, and for what you get, it feels like it can’t be real. We’re talking smooth, cozy driving, a towing capacity that could move mountains, and engines that don’t sacrifice any strength or fuel economy. It doesn’t end there, though – the interior is a dream, with seats you’ll want to put in your home, and a sleek touchscreen for an easy interface while you’re on the road. They also offer a “Teen Driver” mode, meaning you can be at ease while driving, and enjoy the ride.

2019 Ford Ranger

Initial Price: $24,000

Ford has always been a popular brand, and yet again they prove it to the rest of the world. A great starting price, and pretty cheap to maintain too, the Ford Ranger is possibly the most affordable truck on this list. You only get one engine, but it’s powerful, turbocharged and roaring to go, offering not only incredible strength, but also one of the best fuel economies you can get in a truck. It can tow more than most other compact trucks, too. Ford also put in some user-friendly, if a little outdated, tech features, meaning there’s no confusion, and malfunctions are less likely to happen. It’ll be popular with the kids too, with a Wi-Fi hot spot to jump onto, as well as automatic emergency braking, which we’re sure will come in handy.

2019 Ram 1500

Initial Price: $27,395

This full-size truck doesn’t mess around – it looks mean, and sounds meaner, and with a high predictability rating along with great fuel economy estimates, it’s questionable as to what this truck doesn’t have. The inside makes you feel cozy, and with its redesigned capacities, it now not only matches up but exceeds competitors in terms of towing capacity. With access to a variety of features, and one of the most luxurious cabins you’ll find out there, this is a choice you don’t want to miss out on, and is perfect for someone who’s looking for something extra.

With these trucks, you’ll find yourself falling in love with driving and taking on the road in style.

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