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Car Body Protection with a Difference

Car Body Protection with a Difference

There has been considerable developments in car body protection over the past few years, with new and innovative ceramic coating products that create a layer between the paintwork and the atmosphere, and that means the paintwork is protected at all times.

What is Ceramic Coating?

When ceramic coating is applied to a car’s paintwork, a liquid polymer forms a chemical bond with the paint surface, and this coating cannot be removed with any form of abrasion, only with a chemical reaction can this be achieved. When properly applied, ceramic coating can last for the lifetime of the vehicle, plus any dirt and grime is very easily removed, as it cannot form a bond with the paint surface.

Professional Application

This is the key to a successful coating, and with leading companies like Liquid R who happen to be Australia’s leading car detailing outfit. Prior to the application, the bodywork must be thoroughly cleaned, removing all dirt and grime from the paint surface, then, in a controlled environment, the polymer coating can be applied, and when it is dry, your vehicle’s paintwork is comprehensively protected.

Ceramic Coating Car Body Protection with a Difference

What are the benefits of applying ceramic coating?

Simply put, your car will remain spotlessly clean for much longer, and when you do clean it, the dirt will come off without applying any pressure at all, thanks to the polymer coating. Bird droppings, for example, can actually damage the paintwork if not removed quickly, yet ceramic coating helps to protect the paint surface for longer periods.

Premier Body Protection

If you drive a supercar and are fed up having to wash and wax the vehicle every week, why not have a double coating applied? The base coat is ceramic, with a polymer coating that bonds to the paintwork, then a second layer that is wax-based is applied and this bonds itself to the base coat, giving you double protection. Your car will always have that wax shine, and all it takes to bring up that sheen is a wipe with a soft, dry cloth, which takes all the hard work out of keeping your car shiny.

Premier Body Protection Car Body Protection with a Difference

Beware of Multiple Coatings

One might assume than multiple coatings of a ceramic application automatically offers double the strength, yet this is not always the case. If, for example, the second layer is the same as the first, then the protection level will be the same as a single coat, but if the second coat is wax-based that is applied onto a ceramic polymer base coating, then you get what is called double protection.

The Ultimate Body Protection

There is no doubt that ceramic coatings provide the ultimate car body protection, and while the application might not be cheap, once it has been completed, it will protect your car for the rest of its life. Yes, it is a significant investment, but so is the car, and when you think about it like that, it is a small price to pay for a lifetime of paintwork protection.

If you would like to find out more about ceramic coating, an online search will help you locate a nearby firm that specialises in this amazing line of products, and with their expertise, your car will be forever protected from the harmful elements.

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