How To Drive Safe On Motorways With L-Plates

Now you have grown up and is eligible to driver your car, but as a learner with L-plates there are several things to consider. Below we will discuss how to drive safely on motorways with L-plates. Simply remember one basic rule before merging that motorways driving is different from driving on regular roads.

motorways driving

In motorways you don’t need to slow down while joining as you have been doing in conventional junctions. Here you need to slip into with speed. So get up to speed of about 60-70mph before entering the main carriageway so that your speed is same as the motorway traffic. However, don’t miss to adjust your speed accordingly so that you smoothly merge with the traffic.

Look into the mirror glasses to help yourself join motorways where there is a space. Read the road signs carefully so that you know whether you are slipping into extra running lane and run alongside other vehicles.

motorways driving

After you have comfortably and successfully joined the motorways, try to keep left if you are not overtaking. As a learner driver, even after overtaking it is suggested to keep to the left lane, provided you check through the mirror no vehicle behind is speeding in the lane.

It is highly suggested to use indicators while changing lanes so that other drivers know which lane you intend to shift and anticipate your actions by adjusting to responses.

In the United Kingdom almost all the motorways have a hard shoulder to allow emergency services to reach accidents and incidents. Do not drive into it unless a traffic officer is indicating to do so. Even don’t stop on the hard shoulder without any emergency reason.

motorways driving

Usually it has been seen learner drivers fear the lorries and HGVs on motorways even though the vehicles have lower speed limit and which are limited electronically. If your speed is constant at 60 or 70mph, a lorry will not pass you. If you slower down below the speed of such HGVs, you may end up being overtaken. Under such situations try to co-operate with those vehicles.

While leaving the motorway it is suggested to give advance warning so that you can easily access the left lane and with almost the same speed leave the motorway. Remember, braking could be dangerous and can cause concertina effect. All the drivers behind you will press brakes reciprocating your actions. Share your own views too.

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