How to remove a car remote battery

Keyless remotes, automatic starters and car alarms are accessories that have become nearly standard on different types of vehicles all around the world. All of these wireless technologies are controlled by handheld remotes that can be easily added to a keychain or held in a pocket. Often held with car keys, the wireless remotes could control the automotive features from as far away as a couple of hundred feet. Whether it is the alarm, starter or keyless system, the remotes feature simple batteries that allow them to work.

How to Remove a Car Remote Battery

Keyless Entry Battery

The batteries for these remotes are what allow them to work with the transmitters installed in your car. These automatic starter batteries, however, can stop working for a variety of reasons. They can run out of power simply due to overuse, or they malfunction if dropped too many times. If this is the case, the batteries can be replaced by taking the remote to an automotive or electronics store. There, experts can direct an owner to the correct type of battery for the remote.

Replacing Car Remote Batteries

Replacing these batteries becomes an essential process, one that will allow owners to avoid having them reset for money by a dealership. This will also give a person the chance to acquire a new working remote for only the price of the battery.

These keyless entry batteries or automatic starter batteries, once replaced, will work like new and will far extend the life of your keyless system. This will give a person the chance to work a new remote to control their features with the full need for the safety and convenience that they provide.

Remove Remote Batteries

The batteries must first be removed before they can be replaced. This process is a simple one that can be done with a household item such as a screwdriver. The first step is to pop open the case of the remote. This can be done by running a flat head screwdriver, or any flat blade, along the edges of the case. There is a groove along with the case and it can be run along with the entire case. Once the case is loosened, the blade can be used to pry the case open by prying it into one spot and wedging it open.

With the case open, the next step is to notice the position and location of the battery. The new battery will need to be placed in the same spot, and it is essential to keep track of this location.

Car Remote Battery

The process can be completed by simply lifting the battery out of place. With this done, the next step is to place a new battery in the spot of the old one and reseal the case.

Car Remote Keyless Entry Security, Programming and Replacement

Remote keyless entry systems were designed to make entry into the vehicle much more convenient. Instead of fumbling for car keys, it’s much simpler to press a button to unlock the doors. Besides the convenience factor, there are also some security features that the average car owner may not be unaware of. This article looks at some of theses security features as well as how to program a replacement keyless entry fob.

Vehicle Remote Keyless Entry Features

Depending on the vehicle model, most remote keyless fobs generally have 3 or 4 action buttons. Vehicles equipped with a remote start may have 5 buttons. The buttons are either marked with a symbol or with the actual action wording. The following are typical functions on a keyless remote fob.

vehicle start

Many new vehicles now have the fob as an integral part of the pats key. Even though it may be a convenience to have the key and fob as a single unit, a replacement can be rather expensive.

Car Remote Fob Keyless Entry Security

Car Remote

Most remote keyless entry fobs have some built-in security features. If the car owner wants to ward off a potential threat as they approach the vehicle, they can activate the panic button. If the vehicle is not equipped with a car alarm, the panic button usually activates the vehicle horn. If the vehicle is equipped with an alarm, a siren may be activated.

If a potential threat tries to enter from the passenger side of the vehicle, a single push of the unlock button will only unlock the driver’s door with most remotes. Pressing the unlock button a second time will unlock all doors. The trunk or lift-gate unlock button on some models requires the user to press it twice. This prevents accidental activation while driving.

Programming A Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Fob

When replacing a keyless entry fob, the new fob must be programmed to the vehicle. Usually, the programming is fairly simple. However, the method varies from one car manufacturer to another. Ford vehicles for example simply put the key in the ignition (vehicle engine not running) and cycle the key several times from the off to the run position. When the door locks lock and unlock automatically, press any button on the new and old remotes. The fob(s) should be programmed.

The vehicle owner’s manual should show the programming procedure. Another option is to ask the auto dealership for the procedure. Before replacing a defective keyless entry fob, check to ensure that the battery isn’t the problem. It’s less expensive to simply change the battery, plus the fob won’t need reprogramming,

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