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Points to Consider When Purchasing a Used Spray Truck

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Used Spray Truck

You’ve learned that purchasing used equipment that’s in great shape can save money and still ensure you have the efficiency and features needed to keep your business moving forward. Does that also hold true for spray trucks? It does if you take the time to ask a few questions and make sure the truck does have everything you need. Here are some examples of what to confirm before you strike a deal.

Would a Trailer Do Just as Well?

One of the factors you must consider is how much space is needed to transport the equipment needed for the projects your company manages. It could be that you do need a full-sized spray truck with somewhere between 18 and 28 feet of storage space. If that is a little more space than you feel is necessary, there is the possibility of investing in a used tag along trailer that can be hitched to one of your company pickup trucks.

Keep in mind that while a trailer may have enough space for everything, there is the matter of getting it into tight spaces. You may find that looking at used spray trucks for sale is a better choice in terms of the driver being able to maneuver with greater ease. That approach also means there is space to take along some extra equipment if the need arises.

What’s the Condition of the Sprayers?

After checking out the engine, the body, and the suspension system, take a close look at the sprayers. Is the system in good shape and likely to last long enough to justify the cost? If so, it is worth looking at the used truck a little closer.

Take the time to find out what is involved with obtaining replacement parts when necessary. Even the best equipment will need some new parts now and then. Your goal is to ensure the sprayers included with the truck are up to date enough to be repaired using what’s on the market today. A good rule of thumb is to make sure Bolair graco sprayers parts can be used when and as the need for a repair arises.

How’s the Ventilation System?

There will be times when someone has to be in the truck to control the sprayers. If the rear doors need to be closed for some reason, what sort of ventilation is included in the truck design? Ideally, there is a system that ensures anyone working inside has a constant flow of fresh air.

Does the Truck Come With A Warranty or Other Form of Protection?

Always ask about warranty protection and possibly guarantees on some of the key components. Even after a thorough inspection, there is the outside chance of something needed a repair shortly after the purchase. Protect yourself by knowing in advance if a warranty is included in the sale, what the warranty includes, and how long the coverage will be in effect.

It is possible to invest in a used spray truck and lock in a great deal. Take the time to consider every aspect of the truck and the equipment included as part of the sale. Asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers will help you buy something that provides excellent performance for many years to come.

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