Stylish 4WD truck Accessories to Add to your Truck

Stylish  4WD truck Accessories to Add to your Truck

If you are the proud owner of a 4WD off-road truck, you will probably always be looking for accessories to boost the kerb appeal and also to make driving more comfortable. If you spend a little time online searching for 4WD truck accessories, you can browse a wide range of stylish accessories, all at affordable prices, and with that in mind, here are some great examples of off-road truck add-ons that every driver wants.

  • Bullbars – These offer both the front and the back of your truck added protection, which is always welcome when driving in the outback. Bullbars come in a wide range of styles, some are chromed, while other are powder coated in various colours, including matt black. Make sure that the protective bars you buy are designed to fit your make and model of truck, and with online suppliers, searching couldn’t be any easier.
  • Stylish Sports Roll Bars – A roll bar obviously provides body protection in the event you roll the vehicle, yet they do have other uses. Which include the ability to load long items without damaging the bodywork, such as ladders or lengths of tubular steel, and they can also be a great place to fit LED spotlights. If you have time, why not visit Coastals 4WD Shop in Perth, where you can view an extensive range of top-quality truck accessories, including great looking roll bars in a range of finishes.


  • LED Spotlights – Some truck owners say you can never have too many spotlights on a 4WD truck, and if you agree with that statement, there are so many places that you can fit these handy add-ons. The more lights you have, the greater the area you can illuminate, and if evening parties are your thing, you can purchase a row of LED spotlights that will turn the area into a disco.

LED Spotlights 4WD truck

  • Solar Panels – The latest generation of foldable solar panels can be unrolled and laid on the roof of your truck, and with a deep cycle battery, you have all the power you need. Great if you are planning to spend a few days in the outback, and they aren’t as expensive as you might think.
  • Additional Fuel & Water Tanks – Ideal for those long trips into the wilderness, and with extra fuel and a good supply of drinking water, you can extend your stay. Make sure you buy storage tanks that are designed for your make and model and they will fit perfectly, boosting your capabilities for long-distance travelling.
  • LED Strip Lights – You may already have seen a few 4WD trucks that are decorated with LED strip lights, which do make the vehicle look a little like a UFO, especially with a strip of blue LED strips stuck under both sides, and with a special switch fitted you can turn them on whenever you fancy. The strips have adhesive backing so they can be affixed onto any surface, just make sure the metal is clean and dry for the best adhesion.

There are endless accessories and add-ons for off-road trucks, and if you buy from an online supplier, you can save a little money too.

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