The Stable Future of Alternative Energy

Oil is one of the most widely used sources of energy. It is estimated that worldwide, over 3,570,000,000 gallons of oil are used each day. This oil powers our cars, powers our planes, and even created the plastic in your computer you are using at this very moment. Can such a commodity ever be replaced? After all, it has become essential for human civilization. We cannot even picture living without it! If we ran out of oil right now, I am sure all of us would be sent back to the stone age. Most of us would be unable to drive, our local grocery stores would stop shipping our favorite snacks, and that new Iphone would have to wait, because there would be no way to make it. Fortunately, there are many stable alternative energy sources that can soon be readily available for all of us to enjoy without sparing much expense.

The Stable Future of Alternative Energy
The Stable Future of Alternative Energy

Just recently, the German car manufacturer Audi announced they have successfully created synthetic fuel. What an achievement! This truly is the future and the most stable oil and gasoline alternative. The problem with electric cars is that the entire car needs to be built to run electricity. With alternative gasoline, every car currently burning fossil fuels can be converted to alternative energy. Because of this, average families who may not have the means to buy an electric car can start saving the planet. Better yet, since alternative gasoline is man made, no more fluctuating gas prices! We no longer have to think “hmm, should I get gas today? Is it going to be cheaper tomorrow?” The price will stay stable.

Many people are beginning to contemplate whether if or how solar energy will play a part in our future. After all, it is free endless energy from the sun! Just recently, Elon Musk proposed a solar powered battery that would be able to power average houses. Imagine a world without those silly power-lines everywhere! There is a stable future for solar energy and with some improvement, it could very well replace electricity. He has even suggested using solar power to power entire cities!

What about coal or natural gas? These resources are just as valuable, but do they have a possible stable alternative? After all, they heat our homes! Most of us living in the northern hemisphere would freeze if they had seized to exist. But luckily for us, there are several alternatives in the running. One alternative being used widely across Europe and Asia is Briquette, or known by a popular brand name: Briketter. Many supporters of alternative energy are saying that Briquette is the future replacement for coal. After all, it is being used across Europe and Asia to help power manufacturing plants, previously one of the primary uses of coal. It is also made from waste and has much cleaner emissions. It is also very cheap to produce, so many companies have no problem switching over to briquette. If it saves money and saves the planet, why not?

One of the many concerns about alternative energy has always been the economy. Many top economist have argued that the economy is just as precious as nature and should approach alternative energy carefully. With all of these new alternative energy sources, this is a thing of the past. All of these new energy sources are cheap, easy to produce, and require human production. All of these benefit the economy AND our precious planet. If we can continue to move forward on our alternative energy sources, I have no doubt our future will be a much brighter one.

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