Tips How To Drive Safely At Night

Most of the accidents take place during the night time even though the traffic is much light compared to day time. Below are some of the tips how to drive safely at night:

Drive Safely At Night

Get eyes tested

Visit an optometrist if you find difficulties in seeing properly at night. This will be an honest approach to yourself before driving at night. Wear the glasses while driving at night if you have been prescribed.

Plan the route

Pre-plan your route properly. You must distinctly know which route to follow to reach the destination. Only stick to well-lit roads even if it is longer and do not stress too much to read unlit road signs.

Check car lights

driving tips

Don’t forget to get the car lights checked. This includes headlights, brake lights and tail lights too.

Keep car glass clean

Your vision may be impeded if the glass of your car is dirty. Scratches on glass too act as obstacles proper visibility under artificial lighting. In the day time you may not find problem driving with such glass, but the night driving is totally different.

Check demister

During the night the air is cooler and so the moisture from your breathing may condense on the windows. So don’t forget to get the demister checked properly.

Don’t blind drivers of vehicle coming from opposite direction

driving at night

Before the oncoming car is within range it is suggested to dip your headlights. Don’t keep the high beam on if the other driver is doing. Remember, two blinded drivers doubles the danger risk compared to one blinded driver.

Safe distance

Under poor light or at night it may be difficult to judge a distance. If the vehicle in front of you slows down suddenly you may get less time to react. So it is suggested to keep a safe following distance.

Drive slower than you can see

It is always to remember that you should be able to stop within the headlights range. If your speed is too high it may not be possible. So do not driver faster than what you can see at night.

Don’t get fixed at headlights’ range

This may cause eye fatigue. It is suggested to glance at the mirror and to the side of the road in between instead of just staring at the limits of headlights’ range.

Room for errors of other drivers

Keep enough room for the errors of other drivers who may be very hesitantly driving like in the case of inexperienced drivers.

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