What Do You Do with Pre-Loved Cars?

What Do You Do with Pre-Loved Cars

If the only thing that is holding you back from getting a car upgrade is the one sitting in your garage right now, ask yourself why you haven’t sorted it out yet. A pre-loved car has many places it can go, depending on its condition, and price tag. It is essential for you to know how much you want to sell it for at the very minimum so that you do not get the short end of the stick.

Here are four ways you can let go of your pre-loved car:

  1. Ask around family and friends if anyone is interested

Pre-Loved Cars

You can ask around your immediate group of people first. Are there any teens looking for their first car? Does anyone have an older model and can consider yours an upgrade? Do the specs of your vehicle match the needs of someone else? Let them know you have intentions of selling your car, wait a couple of weeks and see if anyone is interested. When you know the people, selling the car is relatively simple and straightforward. The shady deals in car dealerships are not present amongst friends.

It also helps to let them know why you want to sell the car. Whether you are short on cash or are looking for an upgrade, it can help prompt people to stay close to your asking price without haggling too much.

  1. Sell it to a second-hand car dealer

If there is no one interested in your group of friends, go to businesses that specialise in pre-loved cars. Look for a dealership and enquire about the price for the model you have. Avoid settling for the first one you go to; canvas the area for better prices and compare them before deciding.

  1. Take it to the scrapyard

Now, if you aren’t satisfied with the numbers given by the dealerships  where they will buy your used car and recycle it; their rates depend on the kind of car you have, and they sometimes give better prices. You can also drive to your local junkyard to compare prices.

  1. Give it to a car enthusiast or young mechanic

If your main priority is getting rid of the vehicle and not so much the money, try asking around. You can post an ad online to give it away for free. Car enthusiasts who are eager to refurbish cars or novice mechanics who are looking to practice would be interested in taking it off your hands. There isn’t much monetary gain for you, but you might feel satisfied to know you are helping someone else.

Your car has served you well in the past few years, but don’t let that sentiment blind you from your current needs. Your family could have expanded. You could have moved to a place with harsher weather and terrains. While you can make do with what you have, you don’t have to settle. Your ‘good enough’ car could be another’s dream car.

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