A complete guide to using hashtags on Instagram

A complete guide to using hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags constitute a lot of importance on Instagram. It helps in extending the reach of your Instagram posts to your target audience. Inserting appropriate hashtags at the right places in your posts can help you in getting more likes and comments. It not only shows your posts to your followers but also reaches out to people who do not follow you. On Instagram, people can follow hashtags too, thus it becomes imperative to use relevant hashtags with your posts.

Despite amazing benefits hashtags can bring to your Instagram posts, you should be careful in choosing the number of hashtags your every post should have. Over-stuffing of hashtags can also lead to the ban of your account and a significant decrease in your follower’s count. Thus, using an ideal number of hashtags with the proper combination is a key to marketing on Instagram.

Different types of Instagram hashtags

Community hashtags: Hashtags that connect people with similar interests over a particular subject are known as community hashtags. It is an outstanding way to connect with more and more people, improve search ability and an awesome way to buy followers on Instagram. It is recommended to use different sorts of community hashtags in order to reach wider communities and boos your product reach. The best method to find community hashtags is to look for the hashtags your audience or followers are already using or following.

Branded hashtags: branded hashtags consist of hashtags that are unique and original. It belongs to a company marketing their business on Instagram. It could be your brand name, tagline logo or related to any of your product names. While community hashtags help in increasing the reach of your posts, branded hashtags allow you to create an inter-personal relationship with your audience, thus encouraging your brand awareness. It can prominently be used to promote any campaign or user-generated content on Instagram.

Campaign hashtags: Unlike branded or community hashtags, campaign hashtags usually last for a few days on Instagram having a short duration. They are targeted towards the new product launch, special events or partnerships.

So read the complete guide to use hashtags on Instagram below:

target audience A complete guide to using hashtags on Instagram

How to use Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are crucial to use when marketing your posts on Instagram. If you do mastery in using hashtags in your Instagram posts, you have already won half of the Instagram marketing game. Let’s learn how to use hashtags on Instagram:

Use only relevant hashtags

As mentioned above, only relevant hashtags should be there with your Instagram posts to reach your target audience. When people will there on the explore page of Instagram, they will get your post if you did use appropriate hashtags.

Use your hashtags smartly by analyzing what your audience needs to interact with. Irrelevant hashtags lead to a reduction in followers and users not tap on the posts they are not interested in. the more relevant hashtags you will use with your posts, the more the engagement you will see on it.

Insert hashtags as per your audience size

As per research, the rate of engagement on every post depends on the size of the audience. For instance, the accounts having less than 5000 followers, the engagement rate is 5 hashtags in the caption and 9 in the first comment of the post. Similarly, it applies to accounts having more followers.

Use popular hashtags

Find more popular hashtags in your specified niche and use it suitably. Hashtags that are trending in your niche tend to get more engagement. Moreover, popular hashtags also help in enhancing your brand awareness and get your posts noticeable among larger audiences.

hashtags appropriately at right places A complete guide to using hashtags on Instagram

Insert your hashtags appropriately at right places

It is necessary to determine how much hashtags you use in your caption and the first comment. You can see the effectiveness of your hashtags from the ‘view insights’ tab. You can also hide hashtags from your caption. However, this feature works only with the caption and not with the first comment.

Use hashtags in your Instagram stories

Using the right hashtags in your Instagram stories can bring more shares to your story. Since people can now follow hashtags on Instagram, you might get a chance to be featured with a particular hashtag. When people search through hashtags, your story might be appearing in the explore tab. You can add up to 10 hashtags in your Instagram stories.

Final words

So using a lot of hashtags is never good for your Instagram marketing. You should instead use relevant hashtags at appropriate places to advertise your posts rightly. While the most popular hashtags on Instagram get millions of searches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get more likes and comments for using that.

To find the best suitable hashtags for your posts, choose smaller hashtags that are more niches based and have an engaged audience that is related to your industry.

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