A Guide to the Different Types of Roofing

A Guide to the Different Types of Roofing

When it comes to properties, whether they are residential or business, the roof is arguably one of the most important parts of the structure. You would be forgiven if when asked “What type of roof are you interested in?”, you could only reply with “One that will keep the rain out!”. There are so many different styles and types of roofing to choose from now.

Because of this, in this piece we will take you through some of the different types of roofing. Rest assured; they will all keep the house dry!

Why Are There So Many Different Types of Roofing?

There are a few reasons why there are many different types of roofing. They all vary in durability, aesthetics, cost, and have pros and cons of their own. A roof that might work well for one project or building might spell disaster for another, which is why the industry constantly develops new materials, techniques, and styles.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt single roofing is one of the most common types of roofing on American residential housing. This roof type consists of two base materials; fiberglass and organic, and has proven to stand the test of time as this type of roofing has been around since the 1900s. It continues to be one of the most popular roofing choices to this day.

This roof type has a life span of over 20 years, is lower in cost than other roof types, and requires extremely little maintenance, which makes it a good choice for those who are on a budget.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is made from, you guessed it, metal, and has been more of a growing trend recently. While it has not had its chance to shine time-wise such as the asphalt shingle, metal roofing appears to hold up pretty well, given a life span of around 50 years or more. This durability means that opting for a metal roof is well worth the investment, especially when compared to other roof types.

When it comes to getting metal roofing installed, be sure to do your research and find some reputable metal roofing companies to do the installation for you.

Wood Shakes Roofing

One for the environmentally conscious, wood shakes is essentially wood shingles which are made from split logs. The majority of the material that makes up these shingles is indeed wood, which means they offer a very natural and unique appearance, where no two shingles are exactly the same!

They are excellent at holding up in harsh weather conditions and keep down air conditioning costs because of its ability to keep UV rays outside of the home. This makes wood shakes roofing an excellent option for those who live in really sunny areas! This style of roof does cost a little more to install due to its natural nature, which means this can bump the cost up. However, the energy efficiency it offers often means it is worth the investment.

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