How eBook Can Promote Your Online Business

If you own an online business and is looking for ways to promote your products or services, one of the important one is by offering free ebooks to your potential customers. Simply include a product information package in it equipped with attractive and appealing layout.


Put your ebook in .pdf format. This is the most popular type of ebook currently available, and even internet users are used to downloading those.

While designing the promotional ebook it is important to keep it dynamic as well as functional. Provide exact ways for placing an order for your products or services.

Take note that ebooks are easy to revise unlike real books and so you can always include “Special Offers”.

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Try to including a colorful electronic business card or a brochure into it so that the chance to show off your products in a visible way increases. If possible, include some images or photographs too.

eBook is read at leisure and in offline so include more detailed sales information into it unlike website copy, but don’t use too much of hype hype in your information. It may spoil the conversion of your potential customers. More to this, people may think it to be a scam where nothing is being offered. To get the best results it is suggested to have a professional and practical approach.

In terms of abiding to the ‘Save Tree’ campaign the ebooks are better than real books as these are paperless and good for the environment. It is seen lately people are becoming more conscious in saving our plant and tree resources. Even banks have stopped sending statements in hard copies to help in saving more trees.

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Be sure to keep the ebook to less than 20 pages long and don’t forget to create a small ad for it. This is important so that people are initiated to download a copy of it. Also, make it appear relevant like selling hockey products means having layout of hockey. It will gain right kind of attention.

Don’t forget to mention the number of pages in the ad so that people know something more about what they are downloading. Many may not like downloading a large promotional ebook.

Now once you have your ebook set up, place its ad in places like:

– Pop-up on homepage
– In your newsletter and email signature
– Resource box at the end of an article and in content of webpages
– On other websites

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