How To Make The Most Of Attending Conferences

The Conference Season is just knocking in and it is suggested to get prepared to get out of the office as well as network kicking the tires on some new technology for yourself or for your client.


However, the trips to conferences may be costly to many, but if planned perfectly it would be helpful in long run. Below are some of the important tips how you can maximize your conference experience.

Attending alone

Most of the companies tend to send just one employee to the conferences due to high budget attending those or workload in office. Under such circumstances it is important to plan out how to make the most of the time at the conference.

Review schedule

Before attending the conference it is important to first review the schedule and thereafter mark whether any session you think is important and is a must-attend. If you get some spare time there, try to utilize those by spending in the trade show area. Have a small talk with the people who are at the booths. Take note that the people who are manning the booths are very social and they feel pleased as well as happy to answer questions.

Check other lone wolves

Do have a plan of connecting to other person who are attending the event alone like you. You can know them by observing whether such individual is standing alone on the outskirts of the room and specially busy with their phone. Simply approach the person and introduce yourself.

Ask several questions

Always note this phrase that learning is a contact sport and so it is suggested to ask several questions to the lone individual. Usually people tend to talk about themselves and also enjoy being helpful. Spare some time talking to the sponsors, the organizers, the attendees and also to the speakers. Take their suggestions, ask for recommendations on other conferences or website or blogs or books. Even you can ask what they have learned so far from conferences.

Attending with coworkers

It can be really fun attending conference with coworkers. You can bond outside the office. Talk to him or her to come out with a plan how to make the most at the conference.

Divide, conquer

You can attend some sessions as a group, but can also split up to attend different sessions taking place at the same time. Take dinner and lunch together so that you both can compare notes.

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