What is Required to be a Strong Leader?

If you want to climb to the top of your industry then the best way to do so is to display leadership skills, look towards taking on management positions and work hard to become a great leader. Great leadership isn’t easy, some are born to do it, many aren’t, in order to become a strong leader you need to have a blend of raw qualities and the will to improve the areas of your leadership skills that aren’t as strong. Strong leaders like Russ Lea know exactly what it takes to work hard in order to become a strong leader and he like many others have that certain set of qualities that set them apart from the rest of us which allows them to be great leaders. The key characteristics of these strong leaders are as follows and f you wish to emulate the greats then you should be working on these attributes.


Strong Communication

Every great leader is required to have excellent communication skills, as the head of the team it is your responsibility to give out tasks, seek feedback, give your team the message that they should be conveying and making sure that your team are in no doubt about what is expected of them. Communication is two-fold and listening plays and important role in strong leadership, you cannot make it all on your own and if you close your ears then expect to fail.


Dedication is the driving force that pushing all great leaders and if you want to be a successful leader then you must be 100% committed at all times. Strong leaders are the ones who drive their teams and push for success, if you expect your team to be committed and show absolute, no holds barred desire to achieve their goals then it starts with you, you are who they will look to for inspiration.

Be A Motivator

The best leaders on the planet are the ones who know exactly how to motivate their team in order to achieve the best results, to do this you need to understand the team that you are dealing with, or at least the team that is immediately under you. Different people need different forms of motivation, for some it is the carrot and the stick technique, others need hard to reach goals whilst some just need a little gentle encouragement, you must be able to provide for all needs.

Take Risks

As the leader of the team it is up to you to steer the business in the direction of success, this will involve taking risks and you must be prepared to do so. There is a difference between calculated risks and recklessness and you must be able to see the difference between the two. Communication plays a key role here, whilst the decision to take a risk will ultimately come from you, it is important that you seek counsel from those around you before making your decision. The great leaders are those who take calculated risks that pay off.

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