7 Great Career Options to Consider

3 Great Career Options to Consider

Choosing a career is an important decision, and it can be quite confusing since there are thousands of options available. You want to make sure that the career you choose is one that you will find fulfilling. While some people are lucky and choose the right career path, others are not so lucky. Throughout this extensive article, we will talk about three great career options that you can consider.

Software Developer

Almost every industry needs software developers. They are responsible for developing mobile applications and system applications. If you are IT-inclined, you may want to consider pursuing this career path. Not only because it is in high demand, but the pay is also lucrative. To ensure that you’re treated well by any company or organization you work for, you can hire a top law firm such as Brown & Crouppen personal injury lawyers.

  • Software developers fall into two fields – systems software developer or application developer
  • Software developers analyze their client’s needs and develop software to fulfil it.

Market Research Analyst

According to US News, the role of a market research analyst is to help their clients identify who their consumers are, what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. And since almost every business needs one form of marketing or the other, this makes market research analyst a great career to pursue. Below is the job description of a market research analyst.

  1. Evaluate market conditions
  2. Conduct research and surveys
  3. Analyze data
  4. Estimate sales probabilities

Medical Assistants

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants is among the top occupation in the health industry, and it is expected to continue growing. The role of a medical assistant includes record keeping, data entry, administering medication and injections, measuring vital signs and preparing fluid samples. The average salary of a medical assistant is around $36,000, which makes it a good career path to pursue.

Nurse Practitioner

Another healthcare career worth considering for those who want to help others in their job is a nurse practitioner. Today, the shortage of both physicians and nurses throughout the U.S. means that nurse practitioners are in higher demand than ever before. To become a nurse practitioner, you will first need to qualify and gain experience as an RN before going on to take an advanced degree. There are various options to choose from including family, neonatal, psychiatric, pediatric, and geriatric nurse practitioner, with something to suit your personal work preferences. Nurse practitioners work in a wide range of healthcare settings and in many states, they have the authority to work independently of a physician, which allows them to run their own clinics, diagnose conditions, and prescribe treatment.


Construction Manager

Trade careers are booming right now and going to trade school is quickly becoming a top alternative to getting a college degree, since it’s much cheaper to get qualified and there are so many well-paying career options to consider, without the constraints of a student loan. If you enjoy working with your hands, a career as a construction manager might be ideal for you. To become a construction manager, you’ll usually need to gain experience in the industry in order to work in a position where you’re always behind the scenes to oversee the project, delegate tasks to construction workers, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. In 2019, the average salary for a construction manager was $95,000.


Engineering is a career option that is always going to be there, since engineers are such an integral part of society today. And, engineering is a very unique field in that there are so many different areas to get into. Mechanical, chemical, and nuclear engineering are some of the most highly paying sectors in engineering, but there are plenty of lucrative and interesting options to consider depending on where you’d like to work and the type of work you want to carry out. Electrical, IT, software, civil, aerospace, biomedical, and environmental engineering are growing fields with plenty of excellent opportunities for newly qualified engineers. If you are looking for a STEM career that pays well with job demand all over the world, engineering could be ideal for you.


Web Developer

Those looking for a creative career with the opportunity to start their own business might want to consider working as a web developer. Today, websites are more important than ever and it’s hard to find a business that doesn’t have one. And with web design trends and online marketing subject to constant change, good web developers are always needed to both develop and design websites for both new and existing businesses. The ability to understand coding languages is a very highly sought-after skill today, and you can choose whether to work as a front-end developer if you’re more interested in the design side of things or a back-end developer, who focuses on the more technical aspects of the site. In 2019, web developers earned an average salary of $73,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is choosing a career important?

Choosing a career is an important decision. You need to consider different things such as salary and if the career matches your personality. You should research the career you want to choose to know what it involves and if it is the right one for you.

Do I need any formal knowledge to pursue a career?

Before you can pursue any career path, you may need some form of training. This can be formal education that you can get from the university or some other institution of learning. However, not all jobs require formal education, but you may need to have some skills.

Is it possible to switch careers?

Yes, it is. A career change means working in a different career field. You can be a paralegal and switch careers to nursing. Before you can switch careers, however, you will need to train and acquire skills required in the new career of your choice.

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