Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

Let’s face it, the number of students going abroad for getting higher education is constantly surging. It is not surprisingly, as this decision opens new horizons and opportunities. It is a unique chance to get an excellent education, spend a year or two in a foreign environment, learn traditions and lifestyle of the local youth. The number of countries, as well as universities, accepting international students, is huge. However, a great percentage of foreigners choose study in Ukraine for getting higher education.

Indeed, Ukraine is one of the most popular study destinations, and here are a few good reasons why.

Quality European Education

Ukraine is famous for its well-established higher educational institutions, giving their students quality European education and a possibility of building a successful career in their own country or abroad. Ukrainian system of higher education is nothing else but a perfect combination of traditional and modern teaching methods, that are accepted and highly praised by many European organizations.

Advantages of Studying in Ukraine
Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

All Ukrainian universities have a highly qualified teaching staff that puts best leg foremost to impart knowledge to students of all nationalities. On the top of that, they are very friendly and are always ready to help their students and give a valuable piece of advice.

Foreign, as well as local students are offered a great number of graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate programs, specialties and courses.

Affordable Tuition Fee

It is not a secret that most of European universities charge a high fee for their Education. Unfortunately, not all international students can afford such an expensive education. Contrary to other European universities, Ukrainian have made higher education available for a greater number of international students and have significantly lowered their tuition fees. Otherwise saying, Ukrainian higher education is the cheapest in Europe, however, the quality of education you can get there is not a jot worse. Thus, if you dream of getting quality and affordable higher education, consider entering a Ukrainian university.

Low Living Costs

Living costs are pretty low in Ukraine which is another valuable advantage. International students can live in a hostel or dormitory (usually located in close proximity to the University), rent a separate apartment or share a rental flat with other international or local students.

Hospitable People

Ukrainians are open-minded and hospitable to foreigners. When studying in Ukraine you will find lots of faithful friends who will show you around the city, help adapt to the life in a foreign country and will make your life outside the university interesting, exciting, full of bright emotions and unforgettable memories.

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