How To Answer Silly Questions At Interviews

We all have faced job interviews in our lives and we surely know some of the dumb questions which are asked by interviewer.

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“Why do you want this job” is one of the most common questions ask in an interview while seeking a job in the company. It seems to be an arrogant question, but still you need to answer it.

It is best to say that the job ad caught your eyes as you have the same job field in your current company and love to gain more experience and exposure to know what you are good at outside your existing work station. It is better to ask the interviewer whether you should tell more things in details.

The second dumb question by the interviewer could be like “Where do you see yourself in five years time from now.”

job interview question

This is something really ridiculous and of course an insulting question to you as the employers is not offering a five-year contract to you. Also, the company is not making any fixed five-year career plan too as the working world is so tumultuous.

The best way to answer such questions is by saying you are interested in financial modeling and forecasting and so you are expecting to be more well-versed in the topics over the years. Add that you current job has taught a lot to you and you want to keep on learning more from others too.

“What’s your greatest weakness” type question may pinch you hard. It is simple to say you worry a lot and take stress too much. Also, add that you had taken classes and had also read related books on how to correct the weaknesses and you have learned how to spend every moment on getting yourself better at things. It is suggested to also include that you are good at focusing on your strengths compared to other things that you know less.

The interviewer may also ask why should they hire you. Do not beg at such question that you really need a job for survival. Simply say that you believe the job is all about certain talent that the company is looking for and they are the right person to determine whether you are a good feel for their requirements.

These are some simple tips how to handle silly questions during interviews and there are tons of more such questions which interviewers asks.

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