Why Career In Software Development Need AI, Data Science Skills Too

If you are seeking to make career in software development, it is important to learn artificial intelligence (AI) and data science too. The era is right in front of nose when software will be trained via AI.

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The period has begun when AI is affecting everything. It is affecting health care and automobiles. Sports as well as home automation too are getting tuned in with its benefits.

Experts believe the AI to have a measurable impact on software development and software developers are to become more like data scientists.

General manager and vice president for Nvidia’s DGX-1 supercomputer, Jim McHugh, said the AI as well as deep learning will mean changes in how developers write software.

DGX-1 supercomputer is based in deep learning and accelerated analytics.

McHugh added the developers now use data to train the software and make it further intelligent. Data will be driving factor of software release as it will be giving the software the ability to interact. Data will be factor on how the software evolves.

Lately it has also been speculated the smart machines may reduce demand for coders, but McHugh argues the coders henceforth requires different skills and those will be curating and taking software through self-learning process. This means more data science and more of AI skills are needed.

Apart from all these, talking strictly about the AI, it is learned to be impacting the internet of things (IoT). It will be offering intelligent apps to work with connected devices as well as to be processing the collected data.

autonomous car

The impact will be seen in automobile industry vastly too while cars are being developed that can drive themselves and become aware of the environment around at the same time like which vehicles are near to it and whether weaving in or out of traffic is possible.

Companies like Google, Teslas, Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors (GM), Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Chrysler are among the few who have started setting foot in the development of autonomous cars to catch up the upstart era.

Companies working on AI for the automotive industry said lately the new algorithm will let self-driving cars to merge with human traffic like a school of fish. However, things may sound rosy but need to move ahead conquering on obstacles. Another decade or more is probably needed when AI would be utilized across industries in a complete way. Until then there will be lots of developing, lots of writing and lots of reading. Put your views too in the below given comment box.

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