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Changing Education Paradigms of World

It is still arguable whether the existing educational system is focused on the industrial pattern or not. Today’s arrangements in the field are standard and follow the same structure and routine. While students, as well as technology, are rapidly advancing, education is still following traditional ways. Learners nowadays don’t understand the need to attend school. Moreover, attending different educational facilities has just become a place to find the correct answers to the questions asked in the exams.

Focusing on society, helping the planet and stimulating out-of-the-box thinking is completely lost. Instead of merely reforming the structure, our educational system needs a major transformation.

Education Paradigms Changing Education Paradigms of World

How is current education system not fit for the future?

Most of the countries are reforming their educational systems for two reasons:

  • Economic cause — Countries are trying to figure out a way to get children ready for work. However, we don’t yet know how and what work will look like in the future.
  • Cultural cause — Countries are trying to respond to globalization by reforming the system. However, they are still trying to pass on their cultural genes.

With the current system, people try to handle the future by means that worked in the past. During this process, individuals ignore kids who don’t even understand the need to go to school. The main reason behind that is the industries. Earlier, children were motivated to go to school to get better jobs and salaries. However, nowadays, there is no assurance that going to school will fetch you a decent job.

current education system Changing Education Paradigms of World

People are trying to get kids to go to school

Adults are trying to get kids to follow the routine actually forcing that on those who live in an advanced generation where there is access to every sort of information either on television or the internet. In this age, people cannot make one go through the “boring stuff” in school when there is an easier and more interesting way to learn.

Individuals try to get kids to school by drugging them. There have been reports of the increased prescriptions for Ritalin, which is used to medicate kids. With the current system, conformity in education is more preferred. Schools demand kids to follow a standard curriculum. The current paradigm is focused on standardization.

killing creativiy Changing Education Paradigms of World

Current education system is killing creativity

As per one of the recent studies on divergent thinking, it is stated that creative thinking is essential nowadays. It helps kids to see and interpret things in multiple ways. Divergent thinking also aids them in answering the questions and solve problems in a much better way. Creative children think laterally and don’t see a dead-end; instead, they look for different possible ways out.

Various studies justify the fact that the capacity to interpret things differently is present in every individual. However, it deteriorates as the child gets older. There are multiple factors that play a part as a person grows older, and one of them is education.

Children at a very young age can come up with various solutions to use a simple product in different ways. Some might be useless, but some quite applicable. However, a kid doesn’t care about that. He or she just makes the brain work and puts forth all the options that come to their minds. However, over the years, education frames children and their mentality in a completely different way. They are taught about an event or a thing. It is what your teacher told you, and you don’t get to discuss this with your friends or copy it. The current educational system is focused on the industries and capital, and it is going to be difficult to shift this educational paradigm.

education paradigm be shifted Changing Education Paradigms of World

How can the education paradigm be shifted?

Following are the steps that one can opt for in order to shift the industrial-capitalist education paradigm:

  • There shouldn’t be any sort of division between academic and non-academic subjects. Moreover, abstract and theoretical shouldn’t be under any sort of divide.
  • The best form of learning is in groups. While collaborating, one can grow quickly and learn a lot about new things. Rather than focusing on oneself, kids should be taught how it is better to be involved with their learning companions and work together to achieve the goals. Working in a team nowadays is one of the most important things.
  • One needs to develop a new way of thinking in which everyone comprehends differently.
  • Kids should be taught how to use technology to their advantage at an early stage. There is no denying that technology is advancing at a very rapid pace. However, many children are spoiling themselves with it. Various software is available to help in learning and improving one’s skills. There are tools such as e-boards, 3D models, essay writing tools, smart devices and much more to help students learn at quite an early age.

All in all, there is an urgent need to improve the educational system for the betterment of the coming generation. People should focus more on creative thinking and try to improve the ways young and innovative minds can take advantage of instead of neglecting them.

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