How to Earn an MBA as a Working Professional

How to Earn an MBA as a Working Professional

In the 21st century, a successful business career never stops evolving. Individuals today may change career paths up to 7 times in their life and hold twice that number of jobs. The first day in a new role is only the first step toward the next move in a life that will continue to change shape with the global economy. Education is critical to keeping up with new market demands and changing personal ambitions, but that doesn’t mean working professionals need to put their work lives on hold. Earning an MBA while working in a professional field is an increasingly popular way for upwardly-mobile employees to enhance their skills and value. Flexible, part time Master’s programs are a practical way to gain valuable new skill sets for the next step in your development.

Whether it’s through evening classes or alternate weekend schedules, individuals who are actively participating in the workforce can still enrich their own intellectual assets. In an ever more mobile economy, educational retooling is becoming a constant factor in business. An MBA is a natural continuation of higher-level learning that allows students to specialize in a particular field of administration. While Finance is the original and most popular specialization, there is also a growing demand in Canada and internationally for experts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, and Supply Chain Management. Cornerstones like Marketing, Accounting, and International Business remain foundation skills in the market, but prospective students should consider the demand trends of every specialization before making a decision.

Working professionals have a lot on their plates already, but when they’re choosing a school for an MBA Degree, networking should be at the forefront of their criteria. A school that joins people of diverse personal and educational backgrounds together offers students an invaluable experience that lasts long after graduation. When diversity is experienced in the classroom, new insights, new perspectives, and new solutions are born.

A panoramic view of the business world is essential to a comprehensive degree program. For example, a business school like Wilfrid Laurier University uses an Integrated Core teaching method that interrelates the eight fundamentals of business. The result is a holistic hands-on education that teaches real world applicability. Real life case studies are used to test and hone students’ analytical and presentation skills. The best MBA school for your career is one that applies theory directly to hands-on issues. After all, working professionals are already putting their knowledge to the test every day.

Location is another factor students should consider when selecting the best MBA degree program for themselves. Entrepreneurs are increasingly concerned with “social interaction capital”, a theory that describes the exponential growth of ideas when people have access to each other, and students should be paying attention as well. Innovation spreads between people just like a cold; inter connectivity and geographic proximity create the conditions for super-linear growth. Attending a school such as Wilfrid Laurier can position students in unique cauldrons of entrepreneurship and business innovation. The Kitchener-Waterloo region has become the most successful start-up city in Canada and it is buzzing with a spirit of adventure. The university’s main Waterloo campus is located at a crossroads of technology, insurance and manufacturing industries. Working professionals in Toronto could also consider their downtown campus in the financial district. Besides the convenience, studying with other skilled employees will connect students across companies, industries and verticals. Get an education that gives more than just the credentials and meet people who will be invaluable resources for the rest of your life.

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