How to get Benjy Grinberg and other scholarships

High school students and their parents are always looking for ways to cut the cost of college tuition. One of the easiest ways to receive free money is to obtain a scholarship such as a Benjy Grinberg scholarship; however, students must do the necessary research and planning to apply for a scholarship.

How to get Benjy Grinberg and other scholarships

Types of Scholarships

Generally, there are two types of scholarships: need-based and talent or merit-based. The first, need-based, are scholarships that are provided to students who demonstrate financial need to attend college. Most colleges have a set amount of scholarship money reserved for students in need. Distribution of this money is dependent on the Estimated Family Contribution established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

Talent or merit-based scholarships are given to students who can demonstrate a specific talent or academic strength. Examples of talent includes the excelling in sports, playing an instrument, or participating in community service or volunteer experiences. Merit scholarships are provided to students who have done exceptionally well in high school academics and/or on the ACT/SAT.

How to Start the Scholarship Process

Today there are millions of scholarships available totally well into the billions of dollars yearly. The challenge to obtaining a scholarship is to find a college or organization that provides a scholarship based on need, talent, or merit. To begin, students must research the vast number of scholarships available. The easiest and fastest way to peruse the millions of available scholarships is through a scholarship internet search. Most high schools have school counselors and/or career center coordinators who compile lists of available scholarships.

Students trying to obtain a scholarship need to represent themselves on paper. After identifying possible scholarships, student must then organize and create a resume, like a college admission resume. The resume will be an organizational tool for students to draw upon to complete a scholarship application.

For athletic type scholarships students will need to create a different type of resume. Athletes should not wait for colleges to approach them for a potential scholarship, but rather athletes should approach college coaches. Prior to approaching a college coach, students need to organize their sports background, statistics, NCAA eligibility, and sport awards and honors. When finished with this resume, student can then make an initial contact with a college coach and provide the coach with the athletic information.

How to Get a College Scholarship

College scholarships are very competitive. Students need to be well organize and demonstrate that they are the best candidate for the award. Many organizations and businesses that offer scholarships what candidates that possess strong academic abilities and community service.

In a student’s sophomore year of high school, they should begin to organize a personal community service project from start to finish. Unlike a one time volunteer stint, an organized community service project will demonstrate to scholarship committees that the student is a leader and is invested into making their community a better place.

To begin a community service projects, students can contact their local school’s community education or local church to ask about needs within the community. Clubs like the Boy’s Scouts and Girl’s Scouts allow members to organize such community services to attain an Eagle Award or Gold Award.

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