Internship Programs Suited for College Writers

Internship Programs Suited for College Writers

Internship is one of the major challenges that college students must hurdle. It’s an opportunity to hone one’s skills, apply the knowledge one has gained during his or her early years in the tertiary education, get professional experience and make connections. For most students, however, it is a major step towards getting a job.

One field of study that offers an exciting and rewarding internship program is Journalism. Students pursuing this major face a lot of writing projects such as taking part in the college paper, doing research papers and other communication-related tasks.

Depending on one’s personal preference, there are different areas where a Journalism student can apply for internship. Basically, they can choose between the print and broadcast media. Some of them are paid while some may not.

New York Times Interactive News Internship

Being a prestigious American national daily, the New York Times offers a rewarding internship opportunity. You also get to receive a pay of $1,000 per week.

This internship is suited for students passionate about the news. It will let you work at the interactive news desk together with developers.

Those skilled in social media can choose the digital internship. Your responsibilities will be to write and edit articles, find photos and other multimedia for the New York Times website. Other tasks include assisting editors and producers, conducting research and gathering information for breaking news events and special sections.

MSNBC Newsroom Internship

Students interested in a career in the broadcast media industry can avail of this opportunity. This is available for college sophomores through the graduate students.

To be eligible for this program, one needs to be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at an accredited college or university. Knowledge of history, politics and current events is a must. Tasks include performing production assistant work together with the senior producer. Specifically, these involve researching story ideas, printing scripts, answering phones, logging and retrieving tapes and working with the digital media intake department.

A&E Networks Internship

College students eager to be in the broadcast media specifically in the cable and entertainment industry should not let this opportunity pass. This internship at A&E Networks is available for college sophomores, juniors, seniors as well as graduate students. A minimum 3.0 GPA is a must. Interns in the network are paid a minimum of $10 per hour.

Work may cover marketing, sales, programming or promotions. You may also be tasked to do some behind the scenes work on the set particularly if you’re assigned in production.

A&E is an award-winning American cable and television company and is a joint venture between Hearst and Disney-ABC Television Group. Its name stands for arts and entertainment. Locations where college students may apply for A&E internship include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Stamford.

Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

A press intern at Doctors Without Borders is most ideal for students interested in humanitarian aid, journalism and public relations. This opportunity will prepare you for work in a non-profit organization particularly one leaned towards providing humanitarian aid.

The job of a press intern is to work closely with the press officer and communications assistant. Tasks involved are providing research support on a daily basis and meeting project-based needs.

Apart from the internship, college students pursuing Journalism courses can also earn on the side. They can take light and easy jobs that they’re very interested in such as writing articles or blog posts and essays for other students and professionals. Those who have excellent writing and editing skills can provide help with writing college papers for a small fee. They can do this as a freelance writer or they can actually apply for a part-time job with an established company that offers content management services.

Being a college student today can be both tough and rewarding at the same time. What matters is having the right attitude and commitment to doing your best in every subject and accomplishing all requirements on time.


The internship programs are the foundation stone for the students who are going to kick start their career after completing their graduation. All the mangers and CEOs of today worked once as Interns in their past. During internship you not only understand how work is done in the professional environment but also you build a network of professionals, which proves instrumental in your career as you grow. In this regard, your college essays may matter while you apply for internship.

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