Moving to a New Office? Tips That Will Help the Move Go Smoother

Moving to a New Office tips That Will Help the Move Go Smoother

Business owners choose to move offices for a number of reasons. A great deal on a new lease could be the motivation. Perhaps it’s a matter of needing more space for the business to grow. When the time comes to think about moving, there are many things you need to address. Here are a few basic tips that will help the move be easier to manage.

Start Planning Early

Depending on the nature of your business and what it will take to complete the move, it makes sense to talk with an expert in Vicsthemovingmanregina commercial and office moving in Regina sooner rather than later. If possible, settle on the company that will handle the move at least six months in advance. That allows time for representatives to work with your team and develop a plan to ensure the move goes off without a hitch.

Consider Hiring a Move Manager

You and your staff may not be aware of everything that goes into planning the relocation of a business. There are issues to consider like what hours you can load and unload at the old and new locations. Some of the things in your office may not be eligible for transport by the moving team. You may need to work with building managers to reserve exclusive use of one or more elevators during the move or be required to put down something to protect the carpeting or flooring.

A manager will know what questions to ask, how to ensure everything gets done, and keep the potential for last-minute problems from developing. You’ll also find that a manager makes moving day proper faster and more efficient.

Talking With Your Employees

Your employees need to be kept up to date on the moving plans. It’s not enough to say that the office will be moved this weekend and provide them with the new address. There are things they will need to do before they leave the office prior to the movers arriving.

In the days and weeks before the move, your employees can pack up their personal belongings. That includes plants they keep in their cubicles, framed photographs, and anything else that belongs to them and not to the company. If your move is planned to take place over the weekend, your employees can take their personal belongings with them Friday afternoon. When they show up at the new office the following Monday, they can bring along their boxes and arrange their work spaces to their liking.

Packing their personal belongings is not all your employees need to do before the Regina movers arrive. They also need time to back up all the data on their hard drives. Even if that data is also housed on a server, take no chances. Have them upload everything to folders in a secure cloud location that you supply. Even if there are problems with the server immediately after the move, your staff can still get work done while the issues are resolved.

With the right planning and support, your office move will be much easier to manage. Talk with a professional today and start creating a list of essential tasks and creating your plan. All your efforts will pay off when moving day arrives.

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