Why Not To Take Career Advice From Family Members, Friends

This is the world professionalism and there is space for amateur. So, why you look for career advice from your friends or family members. They may not be perfectly guiding you with the right path. Even a new research says so. Below are some of the reasons why you should not do such mistake while building up your future.

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Staffing firm Accountemps says in their survey many employees admitted their close friends or family members had given them bad suggestions if choosing a job or advancing in the workplace.

The survey reports add 35 percent of the employees stepped into wrong career direction after taking advice from close friends and 14 percent of the surveyed blamed their parents for wrongly guiding them. Ten percent of them ruined their career due to not-so-right career advice offered from other family members.

It will be foolish to blame friends and family members for the wrong career path as they don’t have bad intentions while doing and they unknowingly steer you in the wrong direction.

A statement released by Accountemps executive director reads, “Whether you’re a first-time job seeker, an experienced professional trying to climb the career ladder or someone looking for a career change, it’s not uncommon to ask a trusted confidante for guidance.,”

However, one family member is perfect in most of the cases while suggesting the right track in career. Research found spouse has not been wrong in 99 percent cases.

The survey finds in 95 percent cases co-workers have been the perfect guide in career. They have given good suggestions. It is also better if the advice is taken from a manager or supervisor of the same company. Only 4 percent of the surveyed employees said they were wrongly guided by their bosses.

Hence, it is highly suggested to only take career advice from such co-worker who has experience in providing good and successful tips.

The career firm further add, “Cast a wide net when reaching out to those in your network and ask specific questions pertaining to each person’s experience.”

It is recommended to calculate the pros and cons and thereafter take decision considering what could be best for you in your career path.

Below are some more tips:

Be prepared

While you are applying don’t forget to tailor your resume for the segment you are considering fit for yourself in the company. Practice well and be equipped how to answer tough questions. Also, don’t reach late for the interview.

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