Part-Time Job Tips for Teens

An increasing number of teenagers are choosing to enter the workforce while studying. As a teenager, gaining employment while still attending high school gives them a sense of independence. Teenagers need to keep in mind, that attending school is already a full-time job. While it is great for them to be earning their own money, it is vital that their employment does not interfere with studies.

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Employers Offering Employment To School Students

The idea of working in a fast food restaurant, on a minimum wage may not be appealing to teens. The truth is, the majority of employed students in Australia are working in this industry. Being employed with big name companies, like McDonald’s are recognised by future employers and can be very beneficial to their chosen career. McDonald’s are known for their high standards of training, providing their employees with skills and values.

Other fast food restaurants employing students include:

Hungry Jacks
Red Rooster
Burger King
Pizza Hut

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Supermarkets also employ a large number of school students on a part-time basis. Working in a supermarket is a great way to learn skills that will be beneficial to a range of careers. They include:

dealing with the public
cash handling
customer service
problem solving
eye for detail

Themepark positions are highly sought after by students. Themeparks are fun and exciting and the idea of working in one can be very appealing. Students must remember that as fun as it may seem, they are there to do a job.

Businesses who employ school aged employees also include:

clothing stores
sporting stores
shoe shops
discount stores
restaurants and cafes


Students may also be employed by neighbours, friend and family to perform a range of services. These services may include:

dog walking
house cleaning

Finding a Part-Time Job While Studying

Some companies are more likely to hire a student for a position over a mature age applicant, as they are on minimum wage. They can hire two 14-year-olds for the same value as an adult employee.

The best way to find a job is to approach a business. Ask to speak to the manager and enquire about positions that may be available. Some businesses will distribute application forms for job seekers to fill out and return. Another approach is to call in to a number of businesses and leave a resume with them. Most businesses keep resumes on file and notify applicants when a position opens up. They will then arrange for the applicants to come in for an interview. Friends who are currently employed can also recommend positions at their place of employment.

Age Requirements and Hours of Work

The minimum age of employment in Australia varies from state to state. Employment in Australia is governed by the Child Employment Act 2006. In Queensland, a student must be 16 years of age or provide parental consent to gain employment if they have not yet completed year 10. Students must work no more than 12 hours per week. A school aged employee must not be required to work during school hours, restricting employment to after school and weekends only. In New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory the minimum age to be employed is 14-years-old.

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