How To Have A Perfect Job Search Approach

Are you able to negotiate a raise? Is your resume killing you? Why the hiring managers not responding to your request? Here are plenty of advice to help you walk on a stable career path. These suggestions are from the top bosses of some of the best companies in the world including Google.

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Highlight why you are different

Yes, highlight what exactly you are and why you are different. Mention your years of experience in the industry or even your history while paving a career. Always remember that difference is a superpower and companies always look for such candidate who is a bit different from the rest of their work force. In fact these days companies are looking for employees from all walks of life.You can still leverage a lot of your skills for the right job and the right company. If, for example, you’re looking for software engineering jobs in Colorado, you have to put up the best version of yourself to get a chance at it.

Don’t react, just consult

Always have a consultive mindset instead of a reactive one. Try to remain more like partners to the customers to build a successful brand of yourself in the company and successful brand of your company in the eyes of outer world. Hiring managers are lately putting the view forward that they are looking for such people who can connect with other people comfortably.

Request for little more than what you want

Yes, this is very true. This is an art of negotiation. Always ask for little more while negotiating than what you want, said Debbie Madden, co-founder and CEO of StrideNYC. However, before entering into negotiation it is suggested to make a plan and even try to identify what is other person’s pie. Even try to figure out ahead what to do if your negotiation fails. Will you move or will you quit? Will you get into competitive mode or compromise and avoid conflict.

Find coach

Steel sharpens steel. Don’t stop adding value to yourself by limiting number of bites at the apple. Managers here are recommended to take outside support to upgrade or police their employees.

Get your resume corrected

It is always said to spell-check your resume. Many do not follow it but the exercise is highly important. You need to make your resume corrected as it should have lreast resistance where many people are searching for a job. Do take note that a resume is a firm handshake of the job search process. So it should have perfection and a small error may ruin your effort in getting a good job.

That’s all. Good luck to you in your next job search process.

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