Switching Up Your Career and Getting into Nursing

Switching Up Your Career and Getting into Nursing

It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut with your current job or career. Time really flies, and before you know it you have been in your current role for 10 years, and you have not made a difference or advanced in any way. With people working longer and second careers becoming the new normal there is no reason why you cannot switch up your career and change what you are doing. There are no guidelines in place that say what you must do and when, and because you have flexibility, you have options. When you have options, you can pursue a career that you have always wanted, and a career that makes you feel good as well as helps others.

Why You Should Get into Nursing

There are always people that need caring for and there are always roles within nursing that need filling, including management positions which can influence and impact the quality of care that people receive. You should get into nursing if you are passionate about helping others and if you genuinely want to make a difference to how others are treated. As a nurse you can make a hands-on difference, and you can impact the quality of care that individuals receive. Getting into nursing is the right choice for you if you want to give back, and if you enjoy helping others, often before helping yourself.

Enter the Nursing Profession

As you would expect you will need professional qualifications to enter the field of nursing. Without professional qualifications you cannot expect to provide or give care in any situation. As the qualifications you hold are vitally important to your role you must not overlook what qualifications you get and where you get them from. The quality of the educational provider must be just as good as the program or qualification on offer. When selecting a provider ensure that you go for one who has your best interests at heart. Find a provider that will be there for you to support you in those times of need.

Studying for a Masters in Nursing

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree then getting a masters in nursing for non nursing majors is most likely your next logical move. Getting a masters will set you up for a successful career in nursing, it will provide you with the knowledge and education you need to hit the ground running and make a difference within the field of nursing. A master’s will require your full dedication and effort, and it will be hard work, but you will reap the rewards of your hard work when it comes time to land that career you have been thinking about. A masters will get you noticed, and it will help you stand out above the other applicants because it shows potential employers that you have the education and skills needed to be successful within the nursing profession.

Studying Online from Home and Making It Work

Once you have decided to study for a masters you will be weighing up whether to study from home online, or whether to study physically at a campus. There are a couple of benefits for studying at a physical campus such as physical interaction and change of scenery, but these advantages are nothing in comparison to the advantages and positives of studying online and studying from home. When you study from home you save time and money, and you save hassle too. No more rushing around to get to lectures, and no more worrying about how you will fit everything in. Of course, studying from home requires just as much dedication as studying at a physical campus, but, if you can focus on your end goal then you will find the whole process easy and smooth. To make studying online work for you then you must treat it just the same as studying at a physical campus. You need to be just as dedicated, focused and motivated as you would at a physical location. Creating a dedicated workspace or study space will help you achieve success when studying from home.

Seeking Experience

When you are studying, and before you gain your masters you may find it beneficial to seek some work experience, even if it is only temporary or unpaid. Experience within the environment and area that you are wanting to find paid work in will help prepare you for landing a job, and it will help ready you for writing your resume. A little experience goes a long way, so see if you can fit in a week’s experience here and there to benefit your learning experience, and to aid your job search.

Writing Your Resume

It may have been a little while since you have written a resume and being out of practice can put you on the back foot. A resume is what will get you seen, noticed and remembered by employers so you must ensure that it is professional and well written. Your resume must include relevant information, and it must be clear, concise and to the point. It can be hard fitting your life’s achievements and education onto one or two pages, but it must be done. Employers will not want to sift through several pages of a resume just to establish whether you are a good fit the position or organization. If you feel that you will struggle to write a clear and concise resume, then do not hesitate to get a professional writer on board to assist you.

Getting Your First Nursing Job

After writing your resume and enhancing your education and qualifications all that is left now is to get your first nursing job. Keeping your options open and potentially looking a little bit outside of your target area may be necessary, just to ensure you get the position you want first and foremost. Once you have the position you want you can then start giving back and making a difference which is what nursing is all about.

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