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Top 5 Essay Writing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

Top 5 Essay Writing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

This could easily be verified that numerous guides in writing propose students to search for arguments and citations of famous scholars – just surf through the Internet and you will find piles of such recommendations. Still, writers from Snappy Essays point out that not many guidelines warn students about inappropriate things in writing and, as a result, students repeat the same mistakes again and again. No one is born a master, and writers of this custom writing service also made mistakes at the beginning of their career. So you don’t have to learn from your own mistakes – just take an advantage of our experience as well as the experience of thousands of other students and learn how to dodge them.

Do not cram your essay with information

Do not try to seize the unseizable – too much information can play Old Harry with your paper. When you search for the data through the sources it is hard to stop and even harder to select the info that really matters. That is why students usually try to stuff everything they have found into the paper and get a mess in result. Filter the information in terms of relevance and use it carefully.


No one is going to blame you in using someone else’s content, however, even if your paper is written from scratch it is advisable to run it through the plagiarism-detection software as there is always a chance that you use cliches that may be shown up like plagiarism. And the consequences of finding plagiarized content by the professor may be really serious.

Do not address the reader

The style of any academic essay does not allow the conversation with the reader, as you play a role of an non-biased author, it is not a fiction story.

Do not skip post writing stages

Editing and proofreading of the text are crucial, as thus you can find the scorecard of the paper and all typos and non sequitur. Some students trust spell checkers and how wrong they are! There are millions of variants when the spell checker doesn’t catch typos and they can kill the essay. Read the paper paying attention to every word and do it several times.

Make sure that the paper meets the requirements of the assignment

You will be surprised how many papers are written disregarding the instructions. Follow them if you don’t want professor to refuse to evaluate your work because of the discrepancy with the instructions. Stick to the rules of arrangement of the paper according to the chosen paper style and format and pay attention to the word count.

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