Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Arizona

Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Arizona

Looking to slow down and settle into your retirement? To do so, you need to find the perfect place to reside! Arizona is an ideal spot to call home in your retirement years. From the terrific weather to the endless amount of restaurants and golf courses to choose from, many retired people flock to Arizona.

The Weather

Arizona is home to some of the best weather you can find, and year-round! Most parts of the state see sunshine the whole year, with over 300 days of sunny weather. If you are looking to enjoy snow in the winter, some areas in the state do get a fair amount of snow. Thunderstorms are common in the summertime. These storms light up the sky and bring the desert much-needed rain.

In the Phoenix area, expect temperatures to range from the 50s in the winter to the 100s during the summer months. The best part about Arizona weather is that you can find cool weather up north and warm weather everywhere else!

The Golf Courses

There are beautiful homes and master-planned communities like Sky Crossing all across the state of Arizona. Many of these communities are either right on a golf course or near one. If you are a golfer or looking to get into golf, there are plenty of options throughout Arizona. Not all of the golf courses are just your ordinary courses, some of these extravagant courses are well-known across the country.

And since the weather is always beautiful in Arizona, you will be able to get in plenty of golf days.

The Restaurants

If you look forward to trying different restaurants in your retirement, Arizona won’t disappoint. From Italian restaurants to Mexican restaurants and fine dining, Arizona also has some of the best breakfast joints in the country, so you will be able to find a new place to eat every day of the week! Many corporate restaurants call the Phoenix area home, but if you are looking for locally-owned spots, Phoenix has a handful of those as well.

Retirement is all about enjoying life and what better place to do that than in the gorgeous desert of Arizona with its sunny weather, delicious restaurants, and fun golf courses.

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