Which Are The Top Paid Technology Jobs; See Top 10 Here

If you are looking for a career in Information Technology and don’t know how to start and where to head, here’s a brief guide on which you can rely and start hunting companies which are hiring the below mentioned job profiles. Have a look to these 10 best paid IT jobs.

Analytics manager

Analytics is an important part of any organization and analytics manager helps the business by sharing most relevant insights. Lately gathering and managing of data has risen.

Data architect

In today’s era the data architect looks after designing and building of complex data management systems that further cope with structured and unstructured information. The work also includes harvesting, storing and mining of data. Analytics staff coordinates with data architect in implementing the job.

Systems architect

Systems architect is a step ahead of data architect and it helps in designing complex IT systems like large software project or an infrastructure refresh. They even are responsible in designing entirely new data centre.

Applications development manager

The work of applications development manager is to manage a team of developers who are responsible in creating software for web or mobile.

Solutions architect

Solutions architect starts his work often with pre-sales team and provides technical overview to them about how to deliver best the projects of complex customer. The position will see boost in near future with IoT technologies.

Software architect

Designing complex software is where the role of software architect fits. The salary depends on which language the architect develops and designs the software.

Data scientist

This is a hot property and rare on this earth and this is the reason some compare data scientist to Yeti for scarcity. Some say data scientists get hoovered by corporate giants like Amazon and Google before even they finish their post-graduate courses. A data scientist must by analytical and logical. The person should also have good understanding of the business.

Chief information security officer

In short the post is widely known as CISO. It involves sensitive to security risks as security threats are multiplying and over past few years several large firms have experienced high-profile attacks.

Chief digital officer

The broad role of chief digital officer is to transform non-digital process or system into a digital one to improve processes and the experiences of users as well as customers too.

Chief information officer

Chief information officer plays important role in financial, banking and IT services. It is the highest growing segment.

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