What Are the Main Skills of a Competent Estimator?

Competent Estimator

The construction sector is not lacking in sharp questions and some challenging aspects. One of the most popular issues many contractors face is an inaccurate estimation. Usually, this is the main reason for poor bidding performance and failed tenders. But the most dangerous consequence is the bankruptcy of the construction company.

Often, for the complete organization of the dedicated team’s work, most specialists use estimating software. This is a useful and indispensable tool in construction. This way most contractors are able to monitor the accuracy factor of the reports and check the forecasts. 

But not all the tasks can be performed and managed with the help of modern software. The competence of the estimating expert is a must. The main characteristics of a high-level specialist are honesty, attention to detail, and a thirst for all the insights and data entries.

In addition, the construction estimator must have certain skills that develop more and more with each project. The most experienced experts obtain an exceptional knowledge base to be proud of. Let’s take a closer look at the most important estimator’s skills when it comes to construction.

Top 9 Estimator’s Skills to Take into Consideration

It is impossible to highlight only one or several skills that are important for a competent estimator. Ideally, this is a happy blend of nine ones at once. Find out more about the necessary skills of the perfect construction estimator.

1. Mathematics

Math skills are a must for estimators. Like accounting specialists, these experts should be ready for various calculations. To assess everything properly, a construction estimator needs to work with numbers, calculate, and add all the data entries to the reports concerning all the financial and other forecasts. For professional estimating, such complex mathematical combinations are the basis and the key to success.

2. Organization

Organizational skills are no less essential to streamline all the mathematical results obtained. It is also very indispensable to learn how to follow the changes in numbers which:

  • tend to update literally in a second;

  • are presented in huge amounts and surround estimators everywhere;

  • Require accurate processing as one of the most important data entries.

3. Data Analysis

All data obtained after their systematization must be analyzed to further create competitiveness and improve the project from an economic point of view. Through the use of estimating software, professionals can gain a lot of experience and learn how to balance the speed and accuracy of their work. 

4. Critical Thinking

To get a lucrative contract, it is necessary to have critical thinking which will help the specialist to identify the strengths and weaknesses of any process in construction. Thanks to this skill, construction estimators can spend a minimum of time and effort but get the maximum benefit without the risk of making mistakes.

5. Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail is essential to evaluate results with maximum accuracy. In this way, the estimator will be able to identify cost factors fairly quickly, respond to their changes and analyze their impact on other project costs. Additionally, this is about fast decision-making abilities and correct conclusions that will become the baseline for further error-free forecasts.

6. Effective Communication

To put forward your opinion or offer your vision of a particular problem, you need to competently bring it to the rest of the project participants. This can be done with a presentation or some other alternative. Remember that a skilled and experienced estimator is a person who can find a common language with everyone (partners, on-site workers, managers, accounting specialists, etc.).

7. Technical Skills

Through the development of tech skills, the construction estimator will be able to analyze how the industries associated with the construction process are changing. Thanks to the use of computer technology in their work, specialists can develop complex operations and manipulate the data obtained to conduct an assessment more accurately. 

8. Time Management

Deadlines are also important, even when it comes to estimating. Thanks to this, you can plan your time, construction stages, etc. The perfect estimator is the one who can manage his/her time optimally and meet all the deadlines.

9. Writing Skills

It is imperative to communicate in writing to clearly and concisely present the overall construction plan and to bring out complex details in the process. This basic skill will be useful in estimating at any stage of construction.

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