How To Work On Plan B If Your Current Job Is At Risk

Jobs in today’s lifestyle have the potentiality of coming under chopping block due to corporate changes, changing work practices, poor financial performance and some other reasons. If you are the unlucky one, here are some suggestions for Plan B in your career:


Update resume, social media too

You should always be prepared for the crisis days even if you are enjoying your job and career. It is suggested to update your skills as well as accomplishments every quarter. Keep strong feedback of your client or boss at hand so that you can easily get it when you need it. Start reposting your updated resume on professional social networking or job sites.


It is universal truth success in career lies in networking. A superb network should be on your Plan B as it is crucial for getting things accomplished. It is suggested to attend school reunions, sign up for networking conference or meet, and take part in shared activities at the workplace.

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Louder existing skills

Keep refining your skills and evolve from it to gain greater pace. Crack into next level of applications or get new certificates for your skills. Polishing soft skills is also important apart from you on-job skills. Always attempt to improve yourself towards better than before.

Open up for new things

If you are creative in a particular field but your job is in different segment, try to pursue for it and keep yourself open to gain new experiences. You will find yourself in a much better position by widening your network.

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Jot down dream companies

You may be very happy and satisfied in your current job, but aspiring for something more is like further progress and growth. Make a list of dream companies that you want to work with their contacts and other details and this will work as Plan B for you in future, at time of crisis.

Essential data

During the period of layoffs employees are simply asked to go and vacate the premises. In such situation it is suggested to stay on top of your data like documents, files, photos and work samples. These data can push your career towards better. Frequently take a back up of all those documents that comes under the employment policy of your company to a personal hard disk. These will help you in making your resume stronger.

Apart from all these, it is suggested by career experts to keep at hand a ready-to-send email template. Shoot it to your contacts including friends after doing some modifications. Don’t give up, take the route of Plan B and reach out to potential employers. At times of crisis you could also reach for professional help.

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