Why The Andy Griffith Show Is Popular Sitcom In America

Also known as Andy of Mayberry, the Andy Griffith Show is a popular American sitcom (situation comedy). It was first televised between October 3 in 1960 and April 1 in 1968 on CBS.

Andy Griffith Show

The plot of Andy Griffith Show series revolves around Sheriff Andy Taylor of fictional small community of Mayberry in North Carolina.

The 25-26 minutes show has been produced by Sheldon Leonard and Danny Thomas who hired Arthur Stander, veteran comedy writer, to create a pilot show featuring Andy Griffith as newspaper editor in a small town and justice of peace.

The Andy Griffith Show comprises of eight full seasons and 249 episodes. Up to season 5, 159 episodes, the show is in black and white, and the remaining seasons of 90 episodes are in color. In all the 249 episodes Griffith has appeared. The actors who appeared on all the 8 seasons are Griffith, Howard, Bavier, Knotts, and Hope Summers.

Andy Griffith Show

In Nielsen ratings the Andy Griffith series never was placed lower than the seventh position. Its final season was the number one on it. TV Guide ranked the series as ninth best show in American television history.

However, it is strange neither the show and nor Griffith won awards during its running time, but co-stars of it Knotts and Bavier grabbed six Emmy Awards combined.

The full series of the Andy Griffith show is available on DVD and also by Netflix in its streaming video services.

Andy Griffith Show

Before the era of DVD and streaming services its VHS was also released by Premier Promotions in the late 1980s. The tapes were equipped with either 2 or four episodes of the show. Later in the mid-1990s the United American Video also released VHS tapes of it and it had 2 or 3 episodes.

The DVDs were released by Paramount Home Entertainment between 2004 and 2006. Later, in 2007 all the eight seasons were packed in a single DVD.

The show was so popular during its first run on CBS that even after its end in 1968 it never gone from view. It had to rerun, and all the 249 episodes. It had become all time favorite and even now the show is well appreciated either on DVD, through streaming services or even in the re-televising of it.

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Andy Griffith – Sheriff Andy Taylor (appeared in 249 episodes, 1960 to 1968)
Ron Howard – Opie Taylor (appeared in 209 episodes, 1960 to 1968)
Frances Bavier – Aunt Bee Taylor (appeared in 175 episodes, 1960 to 1968)
Don Knotts – Deputy Barney Fife (appeared in 142 episodes, 1960 to 1968)

Genres: Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: October 3rd, 1960 (USA) & January 25th, 1965 (Neitherlands)
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Production companies: Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), Danny Thomas Enterprises, Mayberry Enterprises, Paramount Television

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