Anime Fans Need to Check Out the Ani-Me Convention in Fresno

Anime Fans Need to Check Out the Ani-Me Convention in Fresno

Anime fans have a lot to be happy about. With more and more original content coming to giant services like Netflix and the success of services like Crunchyroll, it’s never been easier to be a fan. And now, it’s easier than ever to participate in fandom IRL. There’s going to be an Ani-Me Convention held in Fresno, CA, on March 21–22. This event will occur on the Fresno Fairgrounds, and it is a great way for anime fans to meet their favorite creators, buy merchandise, meet fan artists, and attend panels with some of their favorite stars. The convention is also a good reason to visit Fresno, and you could plan a road trip of the Central Valley when you come through the area.

Where Are You Going?

The Fresno Fairgrounds is close to the city, and they allow you quite a lot of space to move around. The scenery in Fresno and the surrounding Central Valley is beautiful, and you can see much of the valley from this location.

Where Are You Staying?

Because it’s such a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of fine hotels in Fresno, CA. With a fun design and convenient location to outdoor hotspots, the Hyatt Place Fresno is a popular choice. They also offer free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. The Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center is a good budget-minded option. It’s known for a quiet atmosphere that makes getting a good night’s sleep easy.

There are many other attractions to visit when you come to the convention. There are local parks in the area, and the airport is just north of the fairground. You do not need to travel very far if you fly into the city, or you can drive out of the city to visit the wine country when the convention is over.

Central Valley Anime Fans Need to Check Out the Ani-Me Convention in Fresno

Why Is The Central Valley A Great Place To Vacation?

The Central Valley and Fresno are wonderful places to visit because you are surrounded by farmland and mountains on both sides. You can visit farmer’s stands throughout the area, and you can drive to wineries that are just outside the city. It’s also the jumping-off point for visiting Yosemite State Park.

Because the convention lasts two days, you could spend the rest of the week at wineries and farms. Fresno and the Central Valley is a beautiful place to escape, and you could use your hotel in Fresno as a home base for a vacation.

Who Should Attend The Convention?

Ani-Me Con is the biggest anime/gaming/sci-fi convention in the Central Valley. The Ani-Me Convention is a wonderful place to take your kids if they like anime, or you’re trying to get them interested in your hobby. There will be an abundance of cosplayers to take photos with, or you could work on your own.

There will be many actors, artists, and other talented people to meet and talk with. The list of guests is posted online so that you know who you can meet. You can schedule a meet-and-greet with someone that you idolize, and you can get an autograph that will be one of the best experiences of your life.


The Ani-Me Convention is a wonderful reason to visit Fresno, to see the Central Valley, and to enjoy beautiful central California. You can fly into town, stay in a hotel close to the fairground, and enjoy both days of the convention. It’s also a fun event to plan a road trip around. You might visit area wineries and farms or even explore Yosemite during your vacation.

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