Which is Your Favorite Ancient & Early Ring?

There are many types of different Ancient rings ranging from periods such as Stuart, Tudor and Byzantine. Much of the jewellery from Stuart times reflects the religious turmoil and royal allegiance. Starting with memorial pieces featuring Charles I which, proving popular became common practice to commemorate a departed loved one. Jewellery from Tudor times often features heavy decoration covering the front, sides and even the reverse of the piece. Diamonds in the newly created table cut style were sometimes used, further enhanced with rich enameling or detailed engraving.

Please see the infographic brought to you from Berganza for facts on many more different types of ring designs such as Medieval and Ancient Roman. The last 3000 years of history have left us with wonderful jewellery which reflects the changing tastes and often stories of the owners. Why not add one of these relics to your personal collection and own a piece of the past.

Which is Your Favorite Ancient & Early Ring

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