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Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun & Simpl0 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Kids love to spend time outside. More importantly, it’s actually healthy for children to spend as much time outdoors as possible. That way they have the chance to reap all the benefits of being outside – sun exposure, fresh air and physical activity.

However, unless you find a way to make this time interesting and engaging for them, they won’t enjoy it as much. Since children have a lot of energy and love being active, here are some fun and simple outdoor activities you can enjoy with them.

Water wars Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Water wars

There are so many ways you and your kid can have fun with water. Especially when the weather allows it, you can play water wars. No matter if you choose to fill balloons with water or you decide to invest in water guns, you are bound to have some fun. If you decide to buy a water gun, however, check some of the best ones on FuntasticToy.com.

Hopscotch Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for KidsHopscotch

Hopscotch is probably as old as time. Chances are that this game was as popular when your great-grandma was young just as it is nowadays. To prepare a court for playing, you will simply need a piece of chalk and some even terrain. You can choose how you want to arrange the fields and even how many of them you want to have. For really small kids who are still not familiar with numbers, you can use different colors to mark the fields out.

Sensory scavenger hunt

This idea perfectly masks learning with fun outdoor activity. The way you can play this game is by collecting some things you’d normally find on a walk in the park, such as dried leaves, flowers, tree bark and small pebbles. Glue them to either a piece of paper or a small, light wooden board. Then go for a walk with your kid and have them try to pint out as much of these as they can. If your kid is older you can install a plant identification app on your phone and have them take a picture and read about any plant they haven’t seen before. 

Repurposed bubble wands

Let’s face it, there’s no angry way to say bubbles. And chasing soap bubbles is probably one of the most adored outdoor activities of small children. The pure joy on their faces can rarely be caused by anything else. Since they’re usually too little to understand the concept, making soap bubbles seems like magic to them. So, get a bucket or any bigger container and fill it with water and dish soap solution. To make bubbles, you can use a toy tennis racket, fly swappers or virtually anything with holes. Alternatively, you can even make your own special soap bubble wand out of two branches and some string.

Sandbox fun

Another way your kids can stay entertained while spending time outside is by playing in a sandbox. If you throw in some sandbox toys into the mix, you can expect to have them entertained for at least a couple of hours. But, avoid allowing your kid to play in just any sandbox. The ones that are not protected or supervised will become public toilets for stray cats in no time. That’s why it would be best to make your own sandbox with a lid, to ensure that your young one is playing in a clean and safe environment. 

“Bake” mud cookies and muffins

Finally, it’s no secret that kids like to get messy. So, instead of trying to fight it, get messy with them. Buy a silicone muffin tray and some cookie cutters and make some delicious mud treats with your youngster. However, make sure you make it clear to them that it’s just make-belief cooking and that the cookies you make outside are not meant to be eaten. 

There are so many ways you can keep kids entertained by outdoor activities, that you’ll just have to take your pick. And, don’t forget to have fun!

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