Independent film marketing in the online world

There is no one on this planet that will debate the fact that Internet marketing and online social networking has become the primary method of communication, updating, and promotion. Even in natural disasters like Haiti, tools like Facebook and Twitter were the only means of communications in a shattered system that rendered phones useless.

Independent Film Marketing in the Online World

Is it then reasoned that this overwhelming power of communication can be used as an exceptional tool in promoting videos made by the independent film community, especially since the major studios are already taking advantage of these facts. Here are three techniques used widely and open for adaptation:

Youtube Marketing for Independent Movies

It’s evidence enough by the millions of users that plow through page after page of Youtube videos looking for the latest video to sponsor and promote as the video of the week that Youtube may be the most advantageous avenue for promotion to an upcoming filmmaker.

If Google could muster the sum of $1.65 Billion to buyout Youtube, then there must have been some recognized value behind the decision. Couple that with the Youtube sensations that sprout out almost daily that are being hurled into stardom by countless views, this form of Internet promotion could prove quite lucrative for an independent filmmaker on a budget and looking to spread the word of their film to millions without spending a fortune on billboards, fliers, posters, festivals, and ads.

Registration is free, uploading is free, and with the slight knowledge of keyword choice, Youtube could offer the best possible exposure to the general market than any other online avenue available directly to any filmmaker and at no cost.

The Internet’s Favorite, Facebook Promotion

Absolutely one of the most useful tools in spreading the word of an independent film would be Facebook and its ability to instantly inform massive amounts of people of any news, updates, videos, pictures, etc.

Independent Film Marketing

Originally designed to connect students together, the phenomenon has now spread to be the most recognized social networking avenue in the world. It takes no money, little effort, and even less technical savvy to be able to operate and exploit the capabilities of this online information sharing network. A quick registration, a link to friends through email address book or the like, a few browsing friend requests, and the fan base has been set.

Facebook has developed over the years into allowing free range on promotion while somehow managing to restrict spam. An independent film can have its own page, simply by creating a fan page. Anyone can add themselves as fans and can go as far as suggest the fan page to their own list of friends. Done properly, promoting using this tool could spread the word like wild fire to the online world, again, at no cost.

Google SEO and Website Promotion

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the tool used to improve the amount of traffic of viewers for any particular website. What this means for filmmakers is an opportunity to make Google’s top ten search results. A website must be created, obviously, but with the low cost of registering a domain, it is of little cost and little effort. No longer must a website need a professional html coder. Now easy step by step tutorials and the online software that is offered when registering a domain name will allow a filmmaker to make their own website using templates. Then people will be able to find any particular film through Google searches.

Google and other search engines take into account certain variations of equations that determine how closely any user’s particular search matches the content of the infinite amount of websites online. They particularly take into account keywords. There are several tools, such as the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool and the Creating Online Keyword Density Tool, that can be of great use to understanding and using data on traffic volume, ad competition, CPC (Cost Per Click), and density on how often any particular keyword appears on a website, to ensure the most possible viewers.

Film Marketing

Assuming the best SEO consultants ought to be able to rank highly on Google, try a search for SEO tutorials, tips, or consultants and consider the top ten results to be the most qualified to educate a user on keyword use.

Tools of the Internet Trade: Youtube, Facebook, and Google

These tools are very beneficial and almost all free. Do not discount the abilities of these online means of marketing and promotion. Films are discovered all the time through the means of the Internet, and the major companies are following suit. Give it a shot and be pleasantly surprised by the amount of viewers that can be reached.

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