Roll with It: 3 Ways to Celebrate International Sushi Day

Sushi is no longer just Japanese cuisine, but a global phenomenon. Different countries offer their own interpretation for it and some have become a sushi-must, like the California roll. On International Sushi Day, sushi lovers all around the world have the perfect excuse to enjoy their favorite food. We figured that there are more ways than one to do that and so here are 3 suggestions on today’s menu for you to choose from.

Make your maki Roll with It: 3 Ways to Celebrate International Sushi Day

Make your maki

Ordering sushi is the obvious choice, but how about your very own homemade sushi night? While this may take some time for the inexperienced chef, you can easily turn it into an event and cook together with friends. Get all of the tasty ingredients ready, open a bottle of sake and learn how to roll like a real pro. If all goes well, you’ll master one of your favorite meals and have a great way to impress future guests, and if not – you can always order in anyway.

Learn how to eat sushi right Roll with It: 3 Ways to Celebrate International Sushi Day

Learn how to eat sushi right

Even if you absolutely LOVE sushi, chances are you’re eating it wrong. Western foodies enjoy the delicacy but don’t follow the Japanese rules, and there are many! Did you know that there’s a certain order to eating sushi, based on the color of the fish? Do you make sure to only dip the fish in soy sauce? There are lots of different guides online, like this one by renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, or this detailed one from Trip Savvy. You’ll have a ton of new information to digest (see what we did there?), but the good news is you’ll also have to eat a whole lot of sushi to get it just right. Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Spin, don’t roll Roll with It: 3 Ways to Celebrate International Sushi Day

Spin, don’t roll

If you had all the sushi you can possibly eat, but still want to find an easy, fun way to celebrate this day, try a game that fits with the cultural world of Japanese cuisine. Try the slots app  88 Fortunes, which offers an Asian-inspired mobile casino you’ll enjoy playing long after International Sushi Day is over. Win awesome rewards, play tournaments against other players who find Asian culture fascinating, and do it all with or without a yummy sushi roll by your side.

Love sushi and have your own way of celebrating International Sushi Day? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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