How To Stop Your Smart TV Spying On You

Do you know your smart TV is spying on you. It sends data without your consent. Here are few tips how to stop the TV track you.

vizio smart tv

Get Dongle or Set-Top Box

Arguably a dongle or a set-top box is better than smart TVs. Range of such devices are available in the market. You can choose internet-streaming fix like YouTube videos and Netflix movies. They come with better interfaces and have more features to offer. They are highly affordable too compared to smart TVs.

Replace Smart TV with Dumb TV

A dumb TV never knows how to spy and collect data as it does not come equipped with a feature to connect to internet. The dumb TV will become smart if it is mixed with streaming device and as a whole the entire setup becomes lot cheaper than a smart TV.

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Turn Off Wi-Fi

If you have a smart TV it cannot be suggested to keep it off all the time or sell it off. Rather it is suggested to turn off Wi-Fi and be relaxed. The device will no more be able to send data to companies.

Get Vizio Smart TV

Its a good idea to buy a Vizio Smart TV if you still don’t own any smart TV. The television comes with tracking turned off by default and it requires permission to turn it on and start collecting data. It is now arguably a great buy.

Smart TV Spying On You

Wait for other brands to follow Vizio

If you are brand loyal and wants your choice of smart TV to have tracking turned off by default like Vizio smart TV, t is suggested to wait for sometime and let other companies come up with similar feature. However, this may not be a viable option and so you can follow below steps on your other smart TV to stop being tracked:

First, click on the Menu button on your remote control handset and open up the HDTV Settings app.

Second, head to System from the app.

Third, choose Reset & Admin.

Next, search for Smart Interactivity and thereafter press the right arrow there to turn off the tracking.

Now finally your smart TV will not again be spying on you unless you turn on the same from the Settings app.

However, it is suggested to buy such smart TV that has a more accessible option of doing so and turning off the tracking.

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